Zhao Yijun: The database will update Baidu December analysis and summary

Baidu searched engine to will begin to index the database is updated first this month on December 2, just ended to update the operation greatly till December 5, newer strictly enforce between 5 climate. This second update apparent with differ before. I did here first slightly analysis:

One, Baidu updates direct K station this to compare before little;

2, Baidu falls to website home page power increase;

3, website keyword rank rises fall scope is very little;

4, the Baidu snapshot of most website comes newlier in November 21, on November 25, on November 27;

5, during Baidu search engine is being updated (on December 2 – on December 5) , the capture that undertook insanity to the website with tall weight and collect;

6, Baidu searchs engine from December 8 hind, inferior to weight website increased capture, collect, and slow down the capture; to tall weight website

Summary: Baidu is guarded newlier this quite, also discuss human relationship quite. See outside look be like Baidu to update dimensions this lesser, realistic newer range is bigger still, it is Baidu only when system of search engine analysis is analysing a website, relaxed to set so.