Zhao Yijun: SEO searchs engine to optimize the summary that ranks experience

From begin to contact SEO to arrive now already 3 years, I want to sum up my experience and share everybody especially today. The person that regard a SEO as the profession actually and investigator of search engine algorithm are loath come out these experience publicly, but I can a purpose, hope SEO can make industry of a sunshine namely, let more SEO practitioner use correct search engine to optimize thought and method to optimize a website. I all alone to SEO search engine optimizes summary to a few have:

One, around move website theme undertakes SEO is optimized

The Title of website page label is complete reflect website theme;

2, website content and website theme are perfect and corresponding

Website content must around move website theme

3, website structure simplification

Website structure must simplification, website structure three-layer is more reasonable;

4, static state of whole station webpage is changed

5, website interior link is optimized

Page of content of same column purpose should strengthen dependency to link;

6, the website is exterior and politic

The website is exterior the link basically is to show friendship is linked, I link in choice friendship from time to tome one suffix is accurate:

1. website has industry dependency: When choice friendship is linked, website of the other side must be same industry or dependency very strong;

It is normal that 2. website searchs engine to collect: This whether do we basically have considering website of the other side optimize cogged suspicion, if with optimize cogged website to undertake friendship is linked, same our station is punished likely also;

The PR value of 3. website is equal to the website PR that is more than you

7, maintain content to update

Analyse from the angle of search engine: Website editor is released and the optimal time of newer news is weekly on Monday, on Wednesday, on Friday, and in the morning at 10 o’clock half before.

From the angle analysis of the user: The user wants to see the newest, most accurate prices and information everyday, so the editor is collected everyday with respect to need and release much information to satisfy the requirement of the person that the website is browsed.

8, website cartography

Article chapter isThe website engineers SEO station Zhao Yijun to be achieved formerly Acknowledgment deliver is shared