Zhao Yijun: ? Actual combat of EO of Jin of  of  of Ze hare vomit is summed up

The article that optimizes about website SEO really many, but the article that optimizes about engine of search of large door website is little however pitiful.

Why? The reason basically has at 2 o’clock:

1, the commercial value of large door website is high, SEOer won’t be made public easily;

2, the skill of SEO personnel major that can analyse a large door website to need from circumstance of SEO invite applications for a job, primary quality is the condition such as successful case even more slashing, namely true ace is not much, want to be able to do SEO in portal website only, basically be ace.

I share the actual combat experience that SEO of large door website optimizes here today:

One, the filtration of industry keyword:

Choosing a keyword is the core that SEO website optimizes, if choose error or failure, so SEO website is optimized be equal to failure half;

2, decide and deploy keyword:

After choosing a keyword, be about to decide a keyword, not associated not important keyword is deleted, the basic error that the keyword piles up cannot make stoutly, deploy keyword is crucial; The regulation of keyword deploy is:

1, home page – most core keyword

2, channel page – core keyword

3, column page – popular keyword

4, detail page – long end keyword

Should notice when deploy keyword when:

1, webpage Title most deploy two keywords;

2, agree with keyword or similar keyword this Zuo reappears again show above twice;

3, Title length should be controlled as far as possible in less than of 20 Chinese characters;

4, Keywords, Description basically has done not have what weight in Baidu, but avoid by all means does not want scratch, must be written seriously;

5, the keyword of webpage content does not center load one’s writing with fancy phrases, should maintain in 7% the left and right sides.

3, website construction is reasonable program:

Webpage structure does not exceed three-layer, this is the basiccest common sense, the structure wants clarity between boat of webpage home page, dominant, channel, column trenchant. If the user can be clear the website that browse, so search engine also with respect to website of can normal capture.

Website structure: Webpage home page " dominant boat " channel " column " detail page

4, portal website SEO and UE photograph are united in wedlock:

Search the capture mode of engine spider:

1, range capture

2, deepness capture

3, capture of from above to below

4, from left right capture

UE user experiences:

1, user from left browse right

2, user from go up to be browsed downward

3, the user is browsed to another channel from channel

4, the user is browsed to detail page from home page

I sum up finally piece: UE user experience also props up spider capture course with search index basic be identical, website and search engine are final it is for the user service, the end point with SEO and final UE is a website (website F structure) . Successful website accords with means of search engine capture already, can satisfy the demand of the user and experience again.

Author: Zhao Yijun ()