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Core clew: Website rank is the search result that shows the user uses search engine to reach, the website is searching the rank order in the result or place.

Searching engine snapshot is to show search engine is when capture website, to the processing of a kind of cache of the webpage, snapshot the user is very advantageous, snapshot is OK also can examine when nonexistent or website itself page is wrong, won’t affect the inquiry of the user; Snapshot still can allow the exact time that website stationmaster and user know to the website is updated, but the time of snapshot does not update time conform to actually with the website certainly, usually time difference is controlled 10 hours, difference of time of large door website is in 1 hour of less than, if time difference is in two days of above, that searched engine to undertake falling counterpoising to the website namely.

What do website rank and search engine snapshot have to concern?

One, Baidu snapshot is jumped over more in time to website rank advantageous

2, Baidu snapshot explains the website has a problem not in time

1.The website has cogged suspicion

2.Website content is updated not seasonable

3.The website achieves content to perhaps did not achieve content too less formerly formerly

4.Website structure is too complex, appear even overmuch dead link

3, Baidu snapshot cannot decide the website is ranked

Snapshot shows or the website 2007 also can obtain a better rank, but can measure health of a website to spend;