Zhang He: Search engine optimizes competition ability of website of promotion medium and small businesses

Core clew: The name that a lot of medium and small businesses think to be able to input a company can find the goal that achieves them, they do not know the website of an advantage can be equivalent to a company inviting a few pretty good clerks. More action can be developed. Our atelier has had one to need not develop a client many years actively, all clients are informed our service through the network and get in touch with us, the order of 80% above is obtained automatically through the website.

Why to have the website that the person visits our company rarely, this issue is general the medium and small businesses with broad consist in.

One, scale of website of medium and small businesses is not large. At the same time very much big company has unlike in that way professional website maintains staff. Website discharge comes from for the most part at advertisement discharge.

2, the proprietor of an enterprise is the data one pile gives commonly network company, make a lot of demands to downstage detail next, because do not know network sale, so exorbitant pays attention to website page design. And the website company that make won’t be an enterprise to consider a website to optimize a problem inside the charge that make for the most part. Be being optimized because of the website is a process that just can complete more for long, the enterprise does not have corresponding charge, the very much company that make won’t be to tell an enterprise to have more so return a responsibility, because if be met so,draw on bigger trouble.

3, the effect that major company does not know SEO website to optimize and meaning. Basic website safeguards some not to understand, after the website is made. Be as long as the company that one year above did not replace any data is everywhere. And the factor that these dispute often affect website rank and flow, the website may manage a few years, still do not have a few words to be able to be found.

The name that a lot of medium and small businesses think to be able to input a company can find the goal that achieves them, they do not know the website of an advantage can be equivalent to a company inviting a few pretty good clerks. More action can be developed. Our atelier has had one to need not develop a client many years actively, all clients are informed our service through the network and get in touch with us, the order of 80% above is obtained automatically through the website.

Your website has such bewilderment:

1, why to have the website that the person visits our company rarely?

2, why doesn’t the client always catch a cold the website of our enterprise?

3, why enterprise website correcting don’t still have the effect a lot of times?

4, the contest price rank that why spent a lot of money to make the search engine such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, is the effect not apparent?

5, why the finds our company very hard website in the search engine such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo?

6, why our website cannot very good bring business for the enterprise directly?

At present most intranet is in charge of it no longer after station construction, think the website can bring a client for it, bring the business, but in fact this kind of understanding is a mistake. The webpage of 80% above makes personnel do not know network sale, do not know search engine to optimize, the website that so they design is putting all sorts of issues. The website is made elegant, originality is clever, if be not popularized, also cannot bring any benefit for the enterprise. Our first after so the website is built job popularizes a website namely, let potential client knows and understand our enterprise website, such ability obtain propagandist business, extend a product, extend the business on the net, have network sale, use enterprise website finally to achieve the goal of gain.

SEO searchs engine to optimize is a very important foundation sex the website popularizes the job. Its principle is the regulation that collects the website automatically according to search engine, undertake the website the relevant processing such as the technology, in order to facilitate website can fast and effective be collected by search engine. Statistic makes clear, the visit quantity of most website has 70% must come through searching engine, your website is searching reason the expression on engine how, affected the rate that the website is accepted by everybody directly. Review website of domestic small and medium sized business, great majority did not do good search engine to optimize the job. Some companies are willing to cost all sorts of paid promotion methods to popularize a website, the expression in often searching engine however owes beautiful, promotion effect is not ideal, there is a very main reason here is oversight the search engine of website itself optimizes the job.

Look forward to wins sale, offer for the enterprise one-stop network sale adviser serves, help enterprise gains broader market.

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Search engine optimizes since technical stronger job, also be one is the same as enterprise characteristic be closely bound up, need often is analysed and seek the job of exterior collaboration. Carry out a proof, search engine optimizes the job to be able to let a website there is good performance on search engine not only, and can let whole website look relaxed and lively, the page is efficient and concise, cause client can approach a theme continuously, website play went out to communicate the optimal effect of enterprise and client.

Let us look from the following respects how ought to do good search engine to optimize the job:

One, the error that decides website core keyword walks out of FLASH and picture

After website of a few enterprises has been built, also can login actively a few collect fees search engine, this to the website by public place acknowledge it is advantageous. But they often go up in the choice of the keyword and did not take seriously very much, or lists the word speech that gives one pile to be concerned with the enterprise, or regards a keyword as the name of the enterprise merely. The website keyword that decides casually so, generalizes website connotation is not accurate, information expression has be short of break, the effect sold at a discount.

The choice of website keyword depends on greatly the train of thought that enterprise website builds. Core keyword is not too much, common limit is in 5 less than. On the choice of the keyword, can divide a respect to undertake: It is enterprise abbreviation above all, it is product be called by a joint name next, finally is industry abbreviation.

Many enterprise websites were full of many picture and FLASH animation, this just looks little imagine very beautiful. Resemble Google, the Baidu search index that collects a website automatically is propped up, mix to the picture FLASH is very of the cold, they cannot identify the meaning that these file place convey, cannot collect search to index in propping up, come consequently. Need to notice in the course that so the enterprise is building him website, picture or FLASH animation can want, but not too flush, going too far as bad as not going far enough. Be fond of use FLASH to guide the website of the page, can be the same as FLASH guiding page union of website home page to rise as far as possible, avoid to search engine search to be less than home page information. Can use the place that the character conveys, be not replaced as far as possible with the picture, avoid to accomplish the character inside the picture, want to let a character become protagonist, the picture is an ornament only.

Some enterprises think the website wants image of perfect show company namely, do not need to have content of too much character, and should accomplish beautiful Huan of United States annulus. And be opposite in fact caller, the first impression is admittedly important, but the take delight in talking about that always repeats the beautiful picture that sees a piece do not have how many content, information or wonderful animation to be able to not make caller long, even in the end does not know this website is what to do, the information that industry need is revealed and allows client understanding was not instead in client brains keep memory. It is the angle that the station alls alone in search engine is optimized no matter so, still be integral website appeals to the point of view that seek, enterprise website must notice not to allow many picture and animation a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, and ought to a bit more floriferous time weaves in the preparation of the data and content on, let a client know really useful information.

2, content is kingcraft simple and practical for best

To website of medium and small businesses, content is not in in how essence of life, aux would rather spend half hour to write an article, also do not want a flower one minute to duplicate the article of other website. If you sell a product, the product introduction on the website wants complete, the picture wants to be clear about, the intellectual article related the product must have. Strive for the content that lets a website to be able to attract what the user keeps to click a mouse, letting an user turn a client into ability is a purpose.

An intranet stands need not luxuriant interface, also need not flowery begin animation, the individual character of enterprise website is not to use luxuriant come to those who come out to reflect, website must simple and practical, information as far as possible deliver an user, wanting the website that knows the user will visit you is not will see a net stand still see unseemly, will see information seek commercial opportunity.

3, everybody of detail decision success or failure picks up firewood blaze tall

A lot of websites are in a few look be like ordinary small issue to go up to often expose its not professional weakness, these problems look not may severe, negligible even, but practice experience makes clear, in the overall function of the website similar case falls, detail problem often is the crucial factor that decides whether true a website is effective. This is the detail in network sale is sent get the better of law.

Become only in the enterprise much personnel is joined and arrive as far as possible in network sale, ability obtains satisfactory result, fall in the circumstance with limited now funds of sale of medium and small businesses especially. Controller of personnel of market staff, salesperson, customer service, high level faces the accurate client of disparate arrangement of ideas respectively, deliver the core value that gives a company actively, this is the inevitable tendency that sale of network of medium and small businesses develops.

4, the website popularizes very important diversity to extend pattern

More and more enterprise cognizant arrived now the importance that the website popularizes, but the proprietor of an enterprise that has a lot of more still popularizes uncertainty to the website, but the fact is placed in at the moment, the website is not popularized won’t make money absolutely, the website looks to potential client, him company does not look. Accordingly, after the website has been done, must want to popularize.

The method that the website popularizes is very much, not only it is two people go simple employ only other website and forum post a letter cease, also not be simple collect address of a few mailing to send hair rubbish mail, use different promotion method according to not congenial website, additionally search engine is optimized is a gender forever the promotion means with valence highest comparing.

5, specific target does not abandon doing not have right to speak without investigation

Any commerce have a clear purpose in the plan, network sale also is such, a method that he is enterprise whole sale, assist and complement, the website must want comply with a purpose or a main body, enterprise website is promotion company brand or the product that extend his, will have network sale around the purpose of the enterprise, regular meeting brings qualitative flight to the enterprise, doing anything is to want importunate, especially network sale, in initial phase you become the possibility any the thing did not bring profit to the enterprise, but do not abandon, it is normal so.

What to investigate, why to want to investigate, do a website to still need to investigate, yes, the website that you do looks to who, your website object wants what to see, what to want, want what to get from your body. Send the society that amount to increasingly in goods economy, an any valuable information meet what transform a company completely likely live condition. Investigate a person of the same trade even additionally, investigate the person of the same trade’s website, understanding adversary ability surpasses rival, accordingly, investigation is very important, do not have right to speak without investigation.

6, listening to expert opinion to promote oneself competition ability appropriately is crucial

When the boss of medium and small businesses begins network sale in the light of the website, like to undertake according to oneself apiration very much, if the proprietor of an enterprise is the word of the expert of this domain,be other one thing then of course, the key is a few proprietor of an enterprises do not understand or know bit of network knowledge a little, the according to oneself apiration that acts wilfully will do, do not try finally. So, the enterprise is in when beginning network sale must proper consultation the expert’s opinion, also can give look forward to to win network sale to engineer plan of plan of whole network sale of course (/ Sem/) will do, but also do not have a hand in the idea according to oneself to operate from which, but after all the proprietor of an enterprise just is knowledge is the most intimate to their industry, suggest and be being narrated of the proprietor of an enterprise in the beginning of network sale is engineered so is best reference material.

Network sale is not all-purpose, do not want blind to pursue network sale, network sale also is not bring the dying back to life help medicine, he is a kind of method only, use the result that can improve whole substantially well. Our proposal is a proprietor of an enterprise before need makes network sale, relapse want: Whether do we need network sale really, how do after accomplishing, we promote the development of enterprise itself again.

Author: Zhang He