Zan Hui Zac: SEO also wants specific issue concrete analysis

There is a member to ask a question in the forum that choose stone a few days ago, I write child domain name and secondary level directory, the cropland avoid horse race that keeps with Kyw contradicts each other, do not know to should listen which. Replied simply in forum a few, say in detail again today.

With all things, SEO also is to want specific issue concrete analysis, without universally applicable skill. The analysis that someone else writes and share a post, also be from certain angle is elaborated only normally. Unless be to write a book, be otherwise in rich guest is very difficult reach every aspect of a matter, of the analysis especially comprehensive.

With respect to the example that asks about like this member, my card viewpoint is to choose secondary level directory as far as possible, conduce to whole station dimensions enlarging the bring up again that reach advantageous position tall. The viewpoint of Kyw is take independent domain name or child domain name, have inherent taller weight, list is compared when the rank advantageous.

These two kinds of views are opposite actually, want how to be done to a certain website, get the case of concrete analysis website, cannot copy the word that certain person says temporarily.

Mix in secondary level directory like me child mention in the card of the domain name, below some a few circumstances, adopt child the domain name is properer. For instance:

1) website content is enough much, each stature domain name plays covered content, the website that enough becomes an independence and assuming color. Have such a lot of websites, of and so on of such as portal. Wait for the content of any channel like sina Sohu, many bigger than great majority website.

2) same a branch that the country differs below the company or branch, adopt child the domain name is helpful for building him brand. And the website content below each branches is probable it is by the branch of different country proper motion is safeguarded, between literal content also the concern with too big it doesn’t matter.

3) the company has diverse product line, and mutual between connection is not big, perhaps be with what differ the brand appears completely. At this moment each brand or product line, very natural can use independent domain name. Be like almost all Motor Corporation, each brand even each model, have oneself independent brand and website probably. Mobile phone company is such also.

4) classified website stands, different city is used different child domain name. Website of information of this kind of classification is to have huge data normally, the content of certain province or city can become a station independently. And different city, the classification below province, have different development goal and different arrangement probably, management also is by what differ the group is operated.

Should use independent domain name like these circumstances or child domain name.

Return so that treat other condition sometimes, for instance, if target search engine is Baidu, use independence domain name is more advantageous. Because I discover Baidu,give domain name home page weight very tall. Under photograph comparing, google gives secondary level directory the chance with more deep-seated even catalog roughly identical webpage. If be to do English webpage, use catalog structure, won’t appear apparent adverse.

Be like again, the competition of target keyword spends on any account. Compete in general, use catalog structure probably to be able to achieve the goal of the rank. But when competition is taller, the person of promotion also is determined very big, must want a platoon to go up, so use new website to have an advantage more of course. Resemble my rich guest, although also consider a network sale, the word of and so on of electronic business affairs goes on the platoon, competition is not little, but also be indifferent to actually, the determination that must not go on the platoon and necessary, do not have completely so necessary build a new station.

Skill of other and all SEO as much such, the case that wants a consideration and angle must want comprehensive, cannot cut apart each element to look.