Zac: The technical content of SEO

Often see the problem of content of controversy SEO technology in rich guest and forum.

The person that suspects SEO says, SEO is content of technology of it doesn’t matter really, just be to revise caption, the character adds the thing of thick and so on. Be certain the person of SEO can be refuted, it is easy that SEO says, it is difficult to be done, can remove the effect to must be studied deep truly.

What actually two respects say is reasonable.

Do I feel the answer depends on what is what this word points to so-called technology? If the technology here shows is calculus, process designing, advanced physics waits the thing that these should learn in the university a moment, especially the thing that reasonable engineering course should learn, that search engine optimizes content of technology of true still it doesn’t matter.

As a SEO, look knowing HTML code should be must, in the meantime, understand HTML to also achieve main demand. Need a technology from the point of angle of science and technology the word of this word, the technical content of SEO also with respect to so much. Look in some people, is this dog excrement –HTML also calculates a technology simply?

The person that does SEO should understand HTML code only, need not oneself write HTML code, also need not know process designing.

Myself does not know process designing. University when had learned Fortran and C++ to wait, but now besides still remember C++ this name, other entirely did not remember. A few basic ideas of process designing have bit of impression probably, but you let me write one travel a type of local school in ancient times to come out, I am group also is written do not come out.

But this does not hamper I do SEO.

I am afraid also do not write give the HTML code with pretty group, nevertheless I do not hold this heart, also do not have this necessary. Should look only understand, it is OK to can be revised.

Of course if you are met process designing, this is an advantage. Like me such can raise a requirement to programmer only, how should set out from SEO angle write code, is effect requirement what kind of. If you are met process designing, you can tell them how to should be written. Fiercer perhaps, you draw up directly one Duan Jijian clean efficient code, your technical content is honest very tall, you can be the SEO of a with might doubled. Resemble me such, at best can be the grimalkin that runs on the ground only, cannot grow wing.

But if technology this word is craft of generally refer to, the word of skill, we also can say SEO is a technology that has depth very much, resemble chef, painter, writer, adman is same. You cannot take calculus to measure hutch art and canvas, also cannot say those who become to chef and painter are so good.

Any profession is knowledge is infinite, want you to agree to study only, can discover more domains to be worth you to dig forever.

Resemble becoming past master of a SEO, you must be hype ace at the same time, the in full swing that can fry, however automatical, do not enrol a person irritated. You also must be writing ace, write let a person fondle admiringly, still can put bit of keyword in proper place. You must be network sale ace more, locate from the product, target market, value strategy, sell technological process, each angle such as channel consider the operation of the website.

These SEO the respect of this dabble, do not have what use euqally to go up advanced maths, but want to have a good command of, also very not easy, what can become past master also is rare.

Perhaps so we need not discuss the technical content of SEO later. When evaluating SEOer, also need not say, level of so-and-so SEO technology is high, and the SEO artistic level that should say so-and-so is higher.

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