Yuan achieve: Result of website SEO experience is shared

A moment ago saw an article in AJJ (website caption optimizes medium importance to analyse in SEO) , very familiar, the name that discovers oneself suddenly (yuan achieve) also amid, excited, this is this article, be in only before yuan of guest that achieve gain, 51solo.net and push a hair to pass, did not think of website of the so much that be reprinted (Seochina, Iresearch, Chinaz, Cuteseo, Chinavalue, Admin5, Techweb, Seobbs) .

World of Seo article network appears too much, from SEO introduction – foundation – advanced – data-base – tutorial – lecture have everything that one expects to find, it is OK to should study carefully only what optimize oneself station is pretty good, yuan achieving is to say the individual stands only. Yuan achieve think SEO skill is not hard, the person of understanding knows the key is keyword and join, this respect article also by again and again write, reprint, so that come him augment data-base. Oneself also were written many about oneself the article of a few opinion, but Seo still relies on to carry out, know keyword and join only, but do not go carrying out, everything is theoretic. Also not be to say, do good individual station to optimize a rank, can do good business station to optimize a rank, this is not a concept.

Everybody knows to had set website Mate label, a few Seo decorate an element, the detail such as Alt Title, head bottom has been installed, begin content project and exterior project, exterior project is a difficult process, be in than thinking a platoon like keyword of a project Baidu front row, but home page is portal station mostly, optimize perfectly station, still have Baidu a few products, these had held the home page of Baidu Google, compete very when austere. But we must compete, the weight that we need to raise us to stand and outside connected mass.

Of weight rise to make connection with respect to the station with need and tall weight, not be to say PR is tall with respect to weight tall, baidu and PR may have relevant place, each have each advantage, search a few had collected, the rank is stable, the website with Baidu faster snapshot is very pretty good, a lot of person likes and individual rich guest makes connection, why, because update fast, update stability, content quality is high, collect a rank pretty good, the meeting with such station Pr relative also value is tall, it is easy to do friendship to link with these stations, and Google is approbated to what friendship links spend very tall also. These stations also belong to the cavalcade with tall weight. Become keyword link even, according to occupying the exterior link that analyses competitor of Baidu home page, the join project difficulty that evaluates oneself has how old, will allocate everyday workload, search connective several.

Search a link to need successive, cannot accomplish in one move, add link amount to want to stabilize everyday, do not want one day to add, one day adds 10. The amount that Baidu and Google link external also has particular demand, if reach certain amount, can be fallen to counterpoise. Why, the basis analyses your website value and content, search engine can judge you how much can amount of this station link achieve at most inside proper time, newer speed will decide. Portal website and classified information stand, join project is huge, it is alternate join mostly, the amount is very much, but be aimed at travel is not strong. How many does the catenary outside searching adversary website have, can link the catenary outside tool inquiry reversely with Yahoo, it can collect the catenary outside all level-headed, it is doughty very.

Make connection with relevant website, the effect will be better, such search engine know you stand this is will do around a theme, weight can rise, for instance oneself do SEO, the site that friendship links is about SEO respect and promotion respect, whole station is done around SEO of a theme, specific aim is strong. Whats are done in the station e.g. you, also have SEO this respect, which you about SEO the rank of this respect has an advantage with respect to the station that is inferior to me. Your join is very miscellaneous also, the theme is dispersed, weight is reduced.

No matter be to become friendship link, alternate link, still be only link, need to search, new station is more difficult, if be an individual,do, those who comparative is difficult, and be in fall without the circumstance of what resource, the station that has ranked with those competes or hold out difficulty.

Overall for yuan achieve thinking to optimize is a few experience, it is a few skill, need practice, need person arteries and veins, need resource more.

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