Yu Bin: Some mobile phone hands in the search engine of friendly portal to optimize plan

One, SEO optimizes a purpose

Make XX net the mobile phone make friend the first website.

2, keyword analysis

Understood a website optimize a purpose, begin to undertake to the website detailed keyword is analysed, pass then a series of the rank that Seo strategy goes to realizing keyword XX net, mobile phone to make friend rises, doing a keyword to analyse also is the first measure of website Seo, also be the most important one link, if this link judges a mistake, job of the following Seo tries hard to will waste, the SEO requirement that needs to understand every stature column when doing a keyword to analyse at the same time, cong Yubin does optimized experience to look before, basically want to accomplish the following analysis:

1, the search requirement that seeks an user. What can see a keyword from inside be searched related Gu Ge is welcome degree, and can see the user needs to get what kind of information. Of the keyword relevant degree of proportion that has in keyword analysis is very high also, the inquiry that spends related the keyword usually is the relevant search to Gu Ge (Https: / / Adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal) , the origin of the service that basically provides from XX net and caller will tell, the mobile phone makes friend is the most important keyword, the key that because this mobile phone makes friend,is a website popularizes a keyword.

2, spend related the attention. Of page content and keyword relevant degree must tall, such already demand of user of press close to is helpful for searching engine to optimize again. Say the choice skill of the keyword additionally:

① is affirmatory advocate keyword. In the selection process of the keyword, should the keyword that occurrence frequency highest, competition spends moderate of lesser, heat serves as a website advocate keyword

② assists a keyword certainly. Affirmatory advocate after the keyword, decide the keyword of a few auxiliary sexes again, for instance advocate of the keyword patulous with advocate the combination of the keyword

③ conversion thinks. Just think, if yourself is the person that the website is browsed, what kind of keyword can you search then?

④ analyses the competitor’s keyword. See the competitor’s website, saw them use what keyword, now circumstances how? alleged bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger.

3, the webpage designs the level

1, UI design. In website UI design, the keyword cannot be put in Flash and picture, go against search engine capture so.

2, code design. Search engine prefers the code of brief introduction, because concise code is helpful for a spider,climb. Should use frame with the information of page nonrelevant or JS filters, brief introduction code is advantageous also with search engine, meeting greatly the rate that raises a visit, for broad mobile phone the user that make friend brings huge to go to the lavatory.

3, whole station Html is generated. Search engine expresses to Html page friendly, had better have whole station Html generates processing, just can raise a website so collect what prop up pair of websites with search index is friendly degree.

4, add picture label. Every pieces of picture needs to increase Alt property, had better make the mobile telephone friend these 4 words are added inside.

5, the link that the website LOGO in Head should increase Alt specification and XX net, such not only can add a key word more, and can let an user find return home page markedly to link, do not let user prediction of a person’s luck in a given year drop.

4, in-house link construction

A lot of websites are strengthening the construction of in-house link, include sina, Netease, Sohu, because inside catenary has the following advantage:

1, search engine is collected much, search engine nature will be right in-house link is more friendly

2, the visit efficiency that improves search engine, achieve the meeting on certain level to raise the PR cost of the website

Inside in catenary construction, we need to notice the following:

1, control article interior links an amount. In an article, catenary had better be in inside 2 – 6 between, many harmful;

2, the dependency of in-house link must tall. When becoming in-house link, dependency also is to raise a search engine is friendly a when spend important criterion; When accordingly XX net has in-house link, need and the website of a few tall dependency has a link, it is good to come to those who raised search engine have degree, on the other hand also huge went to the lavatory the understanding of user of broad mobile phone to pertinent information.

3, use absolutely method. This is to prevent to cannot open the circumstance of the webpage to happen.

5, exterior link construction

Exterior link is the business that every website is doing, we can adopt the bait of friendship link, production link, chain outside putting in the method such as the soft article that carries a link to build normally, have more now very person the development that drives him website through buying the friendship catenary fetch with tall PR.

1, friendship link. Friendship catenary reinforce should be the website exchange link with course of study of person of the same trade, the link number of website of the other side had better be in 10 less than, and cannot link with the friendship that be done by the website that search engine has punished, avoid to encounter link factory and die.

2, production link bait: Production link bait is the job of a save labour, add a link what this makes website of the other side active for us. The skill of production link bait is very much, but can generalize with two words: Originality.

3, put in the soft article that carries a link. Very much now website is he gives money to let be written technically handwritten large website is released after be over, of course the price also does not poor, the average cost keeping a hand inside course of study is 300/ 1000 words, and release cost with respect to unknown.

6, website map

A lot of websites take website map not very seriously, this is why a fewer even the half that some websites are alled alone by search engine collected website data bulk only, 1/3 main reason. Collect repeatedly guarantee against, how to go making a rank? Making map of a website so is must.

1, Html map. A good webpage construction should hold when making Html map, every webpage is pointed to cannot be dead link, best every page has the retrorse link that points to website map, such is helpful for that search engine to find website map quickly, let website map taking a spider to climb complete station, DIV+CSS is the standard structure of website cartography.

2, Xml website map. Software of general website map can be finished, basically wait for search engine in the light of Baidu, Google, make website root catalog uploads after finishing can, google needs to refer website map address.

7, content and keyword deploy strategy

1, think, what the person that think the website is browsed can search, the search requirement that is aimed at an user next undertakes the keyword is composed again.

2, take writing of Title, Meta seriously: For example although Meta is searching the weight of engine already very low, but bad Meta writing piles up for example keyword, keyword and content are not relevant wait for behavior to be able to produce negative effect instead. And the weight of Title is taller, blend in a keyword in Title as far as possible.

3, the confluence of content and keyword: Want to blend in a keyword appropriately in content, make the keyword appears in proper place, maintain proper keyword density.

4, it is very important to join a link for the keyword: Join a link for relevant keyword, the keyword of the other webpage that perhaps appears for this webpage joins a link, can use very well inside catenary advantage.

5, penitentiary Meta label.

" Title " the mobile phone makes friend the first station – XX net " / Title “

" net of Meta Name=description Content=XX, dedicated the interactive and gregarious platform at online communication of mobile phone user, it is OK to aim to be offerred to user of Chinese all mobile phone the website of socialization of personalized mobile phone that undertakes communicating at any time and place. / “

" net of Meta Name=keywords Content=XX, the mobile phone makes friend, wap makes friend / “

8, search of the person that the website is browsed is used to an analysis

The search log information that inquires a website often is ignored by a lot of person place, actually this is very important, the difficulty of log analysis job of large nevertheless website wants a few taller, because data bulk is honest too big, want to have the patience that the ordinary person does not have so. When search of general website place is used to an analysis, need understands keyword analysis, the user searchs behavior analysis, of course, also can make attention of a few users spend taller heat special subject through a list of names posted up of Baidu wind and cloud. Because this phase is XX net,provide user experience, have perfect integrated level, the perfect meeting that passes this level makes the function of XX net and service and user experience get greatly promotion.

9, the mobile phone hands in configuration of friendly special subject

When making special subject for heat keyword commonly, should consider a lot of, the affiliation that for instance interior links, and should undertake filtration group to the information related the keyword, make so content and keyword height match, successful heat keyword odds is a lot of bigger. For this, XX net makes personnel need to lie between period of time to do a special subject to report, make friendly special subject through the mobile phone greatly those who abounded a website is former achieve content, also attract an user to refer content at the same time, let an user help his work.

Website Seo is a series of measure composition, a whole Seo program should consider the square respect range of Seo, and pass effective execution and monitoring, assure to fulfil Seo to real point. Believe to be in the job henceforth, cooperate each other between the branch, mutual help, after executive muscularity promotes greatly, XX net can become domestic first-hand machine to make friendly net.