Your Zhang room gentleman uses Gu Ge Analytics to analyse a website

Core clew: With Analytics analytic user is standing the search behavior inside, very simple but the referenced effect of data is bigger.

Interact this in stone tell on congress of 2008 Shanghai SEO undertake through analysing user intent essence of life follows sale, a lot of friends indissoluble to how undertaking analytic some. I share this paragraph of time in succession the method of a few analysises.

Share today standing with Analytics analysis user the search behavior inside, very simple, but the referenced effect of data is bigger. Learn the heat that the user pays close attention to, the scotoma inside the station, facilitate pair of website content, product undertakes be adjustmented accordingly.

Analytics setting

Entry Google Analytics, modification website is installed, a choice searchs to dog to the website searchs and fill in please in the website corresponding parameter:

This a few need in the setting explains:

1, inquire parameter

The inquiry parameter that website program place defines, if thinks of the WordPress that the rich guest of Sichuan uses, when searching SEO, complete URL is:

/ Search? As_q=seoas_filetype=pdf

Be united in wedlock at 1 o’clock: As_q is inquiry parameter, as_filetype is a category.

Category parameter also installs 5 at most, separate with half horn comma.