You should want rubbish station and novice of normal station SEO how to choose

For quite a long time, doing rubbish to stand to still make normal station is a lasting topic in SEO circle. Dish bird says rubbish station makes money, niu Ren says normal station makes money, dish bird thinks to do rubbish station difficulty is great, niu Ren distains the dish bird that makes rubbish station. Also bird of a lot of dish wants to make normal station, but do not know how to start, be aimed at this topic today, talk about oneself experience, share a few oneself experience.

Above all, rubbish station is not not OK do. The novice is in when just contacting SEO, doing rubbish to stand is inevitable also be best choice, after all the book that a birdie just read a few SEO, understand SEO technology roughly, impossible had made normal station.

But the level that SEO novice does not want to stay in rubbish to stand all the time, do rubbish to stand meeting addiction, when your rubbish station month enters hundreds of knives, even thousands of knife when, very easy and blundering, once income falls or it is to disappear, can get very big blow, do rubbish to stand won’t long, affected user experience, search engine K the thing that you are morning and evening, do not want superstition to do a few group of hair software, can send the world not to have adversary, the sort of pleasure is brief, written in water.

You should know SEO new hand clearly, SEO can make money really, coordinate good strategy, even can day enters a bottle of gold, this is very normal, also need not jealous and such-and-such net earns past master is old RMB, or it is exceeding the SEO Niu Ren that adores such-and-such portal, what see because of you these, pass hard, you also can be accomplished.

What SEO novice lacks most is good state of mind + long-term program + the target of pursuit + the ability of ego study, before 3 are accomplished not hard, only the 4th has bit of difficulty, but as ceaselessly ego fumbles, ego promotion, eventually one day, you also will be SEO Niu Ren.

Return rubbish station and normal station topic, the state of mind that becomes you is put, life plans to had been done, the target was made clear, examine one’s conscience, what you want is absolutely it is rubbish station not merely, because you also want to make normal station, you also should do SEO Niu Ren.

Wish I all SEO person of the same trades realize his dream to want at an early date, receive fund, receive fund, receive fund! Hair hair hair sends hair hair to send hair hair!