You may do not have watchful detail in SEO skill

SEO technology uses a process in, detail problem is very important, perhaps you won’t care about it, be afraid of indigestion Xiaocheng is much, indisposition and small issue should be put an end to, a few details in consulting SEO diagnoses a process here will do a few analysises to discuss.

We do not discuss big question, discuss small issue only.

1, should the classified prefix of page of list of home page, article exist?

The home page of a lot of websites or the page watch page that are big classification have the prefix of small classification, I think such not good, if you are acquisition station, one collect a lot of congener essays, so actual a large number of repetition is met to appear in the article prefix of home page. This is not what good thing.

2, is the time of article list suffixal this existence?

This is a very small issue, nevertheless I emphasize, all content should have a page oneself value, if your website is large and integrated,the website can withhold kind of information completely these date information, because the user can find newer recently content very easily, if your website is professional specific aim the small website with very strong sex, proposal take out, because of meaning of it doesn’t matter. These information all alone in search engine looks also is one of interference elements.

3, which should website map put?

The website map of a lot of websites is put in page foot position, this is not had cannot, I think map of a website is a guideline, be not a place of engine of all alone that it is search to look, the user also may need very much, might as well so the position that puts webpage map in top right corner, be seen easily by the user.

4, should Keyword label want?

The mainstream searchs engine to adopt distrustful attitude to Keyword label now, won’t cite commonly, add also do not have cannot, but if the Keyword of all pages can be caused more if label is same counteractive, also be unreasonable, if be,still be inferior to take out in that way.

5, what means is collected by search engine?

Do not go referring, the website that looks for to had been collected exchanges a link can, the save labour when such provinces.

6, is page content style all and same?

I suggest everybody is used classification add rough way to emphasize main content, this is mentioned incidentally, do not be small issue, but a lot of people did not feel.

7, search engine is newer frequency, compensatory material, collect quantitative change to wait a moment.

Everybody won’t care these problems possibly, nevertheless a lot of things are find inspiration and solution from inside these elements.

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