Yang Zhenqiu: SEO big fear is sedulous and do it

In-house link is the keyword strategy of a website, politic, not sedulous do for SEO, in that way very dangerous, must pay attention to the demand of the user, letting a person is done for the user it seems that, and rather than is sedulous for SEO, such ability achieve the result that stabilizes for a long time.

The client that did dress business to again yesterday does keyword analysis, in the keyword related discovery and trousers, have a word that takes off trousers, search amount is very large. Conveniently with respect to Google this next one keywords, the search is as follows as a result: The result discovers platoon first is net of hubble-bubble of website of famous IT portal, open a webpage to look, this webpage does not have what value to IT user apparently, it is for the special subject webpage that engine gets flow and makes through the search completely. And this webpage is left the relevant link that still has a few popular keywords. You see other classification again, amazed? The SEO of hubble-bubble net is too mad, did all popular keywords on Internet almost. Saw this kind of webpage, there is hubble-bubble net above each link of big column, so these discharge cannot guide almost the IT information column of hubble-bubble net, can show the discharge statistic in hubble-bubble net to go up only, can calculate rubbish discharge only. To hubble-bubble net, does the meaning where?

Because popularize a branch to have discharge index pressure,perhaps be, must not do it soon. Do not cross such SEO, those who do is too sedulous, be breakneck. Be in China after all, each big search engine is interfered artificially still is very fierce. For example hubble-bubble net this kind of webpage cannot be very popular in Baidu.

First besides hubble-bubble, what the SEO that still has very much big website does is exceedingly sedulous, very factitious, breakneck.

For example art dragon net, everybody saw the link of bottom of its home page know.

SEO strategy talks: SEO must as reasonable as user demand union

Portal website to obtain more discharge, must undertake SEO to many popular keyword, for example before one paragraph of film " disguise or mask of an evildoer " this word is very much, a day of search is measured ten, before discharging Baidu and Google a few, everyday least tens of thousands of discharge. Such SEO10000 popular keyword, want 1000 to be able to go up only, discharge is very fierce.

For example a few years ago, I once did SEO to website of a music, them webpage of 10 thousand about a hundred song undertook whole website entirely after reasonable SEO, I let them use a website the in-house link resource of millions of webpages basically popularized the most popular song on 50 Internet, these 50 song are medium finally, have 20 many a few are in before Baidu, next the discharge of website whole was achieved everyday 200 thousand IP. Every webpage becomes a link for these 50 song, general pattern is very sedulous, then I let them a popular song recommends make it, resembling it seems that so serve for the user, and rather than is SEO painstakingly.

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