Yang Fan: 4 when friendship links basic principles

Friendship link is overall for it is the part with an indispensable station, just form Internet because of each other link namely this magnify net, the spider also can crawl through be on this piece of net ability finds substantial natural resources only, how to do good friend affection to link, it is very important, below my general is specific 4 when talk about friendship to link this attention basic principles.

One, pay attention to detail.

When the station is linked, following others had better be the station that is the same as a type, if not be to be the same as the station of the type to also never mind, as long as weight is tall, the diligent that the spider comes to also goes, I thought yesterday and a friend follows get a link, my station is linked with him, he just does not agree, reason: Not be the station that is the same as a type, also did not use on catenary. I feel this kind of idea is very incorrect. If be new station, do not have so much of necessary attend to at all, wait to carry weight, the link stands with what be the same as a type again when PR comes up, otherwise your new station seeks a link too not easy!

2, examine snapshot, home page to whether be fallen to counterpoise.

The method that examine is exceedingly simple, for instance my station Site: , if home page was not in,date of the first page, snapshot is a long time ago confiscate what perhaps take Www at all collection (a lot of movies stand such) , this moment we should a bit more discreet. The station that follows an advantageous position be fallinged links very easy hinder sb.

3, the serious value that recognizes anchorage link!

This are special key, a lot of novice friends did not realize, because this is the problem that matters to your website rank, anchorage character had better be the key that chooses a website, but do not want all links to use a key word. I am in when be being linked with others, a lot of friends use the name of the website directly, really too regrettablly!

4, the website that true attitude goes to choosing a link.

The special edition that very much now stationmaster forum has friendship to link piece, to us commutative link offerred rife to go to the lavatory, the place that there is a lot of when the choice is linked needs to notice. I see a lot of cards, oneself station PR is the station PR2 above of others of 2 his requirements, oneself collect 2000 pages, ask others is collected however want 2000 above, I had seen such a lot of action, I feel exceedingly abnormal, always wanting to take the petty gain of others. I have the station of above of a lot of PR3, others is linked with me, want his snapshot 3 days only inside, those who collect is much, weight is pretty good, I basically can consider, I am not to care PR value very much, because I know PR from 0 arrive 3 it is very simple thing!

Share so much with everybody today, this 4 o’clock is the summary in the process that I do a station, everybody can consult, the hope can give novice friend a bit help. Also welcome the friend that have fun at to communicate together with me at the same time, contact QQ: 332443141, article head sends stationmaster net, reprint make clear please!