Yahoo help: The website of what type is cogged website?

What an article speaks of is the helps a file little understanding that records to how expediting Yahoo search, what this article involves is Chinese Yahoo in about cogged website maintain. Only in the cognizance standard to cogged website Baidu did not make clear a specification, google and Yahoo have proclaimed in writing. In fact engine of a few big searches is main also to the website decides coggedly it is similar.

It is quotative content below:

The website of what type is cogged website?

If your website is put in the following behavior, be judged likely to be cogged website by Yahoo search engine, and do not grant to collect:

One, existence conceals a character or the link is obscured in the webpage.

2, inquire a word with webpage content irrelvant in great quantities in the existence in the webpage.

3, use in the webpage jump needlessly to turn or weigh directional technology.

4, put in the many chain link to other website in the page.

5, the page that repeats content in great quantities in the existence in whole website.

6, the existence below a domain name is many needless child domain name.

7, the website that is put in a large number of baleful advertisement, baleful code or harmful plug-in unit in the page.

8, put in active catenary in the page to the website that has been deleted by Yahoo search engine.

9, in leave a message this, Fang Qun of forum and other places sends a link.

Decide from what above Yahoo searchs pair of cogged websites in principle can discover place of a few distinctive. For example at 4 o’clock, the link of oriented and other website also can be considered as cogged website too much. Explaining to deriving link the other side is done not have inside this is to link fixed website or dispersive website, if of whole website derive the link is basic it is word of a certain website, it is the oriented website of purpose sex likely very. But the automatic hair card that a lot of people use now, the website page that collects oneself is released to his rich guest, often form a lot of exterior links on the website so, does such site also count fraud? Yahoo sets to the amount of a large number of exterior links whether as similar as Google, be also 100?

Yahoo helps the 8th, put in active catenary in the page to the website that has been deleted by Yahoo search engine. This one derives with respect to what ask stationmaster often checks him link, say those who forbid oneself to derive link website gave search engine to delete because of what reason when, and oneself still are being linked all the time, bothered quite in that way. I derive this problem discovers when linking in what arrange a website recently, when linking a website its PR and each search engine to collect greatly before more pretty good, but when checking, discover this website is given K by Baidu, google performance is a lot of poorer also. Accordingly, the website derives to his the link wants to take seriously particularly, the to oneself friendship link when needing adventitious even undertakes engine collects an examination searching.

The 9th, in leave a message this, Fang Qun of forum and other places sends a link. The sign one’s name that I consider to those who guess is forum calculates do not calculate. For example I sent many card to perhaps reply on the forum that choose stone, in that way the exterior link that I add my link to be able to form a lot of pages to have me in autograph. Such whether to count fraud? OK nevertheless and affirmatory is, the link that in searching engine to wait for autograph means to forum commonly, exists is necessary of negligence.

Should realize a website to there is good performance in searching engine greatly each, any possible cogged action need to avoid, such ability long period of order and stability. With search index props up people in the same condition help each other just is all SEO the best means in optimizing a process, but not simple.

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