Yahoo discharge cannot ignore the good rank that how obtains Yahoo

Core clew: Regard China as one of 3 big searches, yahoo itself also the palm is controlling enormous flow. If want to obtain good rank, the following problem must be solved.

Regard China as one of 3 big searches, yahoo, itself also the palm is controlling enormous flow. Major perhaps client Baidu of with a view to and GG, actually, optimize good Yahoo, the effect is not poor also, after all to a site, the thousands of discharge of tens of thousands of has been very good expression, and these discharge, to this 3 big searches, it is one wool also does not calculate Lian Jiuniu to go up.

Optimize client website, when trying to search the rank that has obtained on engine greatly in each, algorithmic itself also can produce a lot of problems, because of Yahoo algorithm and Google and Baidu different. Yahoo algorithm is to be based on the Inktomi algorithm that introduced 2002 over, at that time so doing is to do not let Google use their search result. If want to obtain good rank on Yahoo, the following problem must solve:

1, keyword density

The keyword density that will install a website according to the optimal keyword density with most at present acquiescent SEO is unwise, the reason has 2: One, if write article and your reading moment to be put in difference of a time, the directional; that specific figure can bring you very likely toward the mistake 2, must analyse adversary website to suit the keyword density of own website most certainly next. Keyword density is appropriate good, and still concern with industry and website type, accordingly, do comprehensive analysis to investigate dispute to often be necessary in the light of the website first.

Besides, optimal keyword density can change regularly, so, you should undertake an analysis afresh to original density regularly, as advanced as the platoon the website of 10 undertakes comparative, be in in order to make sure your keyword density is returned best. It is to ask density can be discharged commonly advanced before a few of 10 good, not certain must the first place. The platoon also is compared in chief risk big, a friend accomplished free novel net the first, the result is atttacked by person ill will every day or be imitated by overall. Using a fact to talk is best basis.

2, website structure

Without any searches engine pays attention to website structure more than Yahoo. Although the importance of website structure is reflected,be in a lot of respects, but when us requirement website home page and crucial and internal composition observe W3C standard when, it is the most distinct effect that Yahoo let Beanstalk discover website structure arises to the result.

Why is website structure so important? The reason has 2: One, the structure inside the station decided the priority of page content, also decided what content can get top priority, be alled alone by search engine is found above all. Right now, the content that search engine can offer page code on half share commonly is bigger weight. 2, the website with a reasonable construction, through using CSS language, can simplify code, reduce form to use etc. Of code simplify can let content show in more conspicuous position (namely higher position) , can cause the attention that searchs engine more so, natural, also can get searching bringing propping up greater weight.

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