Xiaotan Nofollow and optimize about linking value accept or reject

Core clew: A few people are right Nofollow the reason of this normative sniff, because they think the value of the website does not depend on these links for the most part,be, and the content that depends on going up character actually.

Examined the link of rich guest, discovery has a few to also be calculated to be in in the link in rich guest article friendship is linked inside, not quite the weight that is clear that they can affect a page, added these External Nofollow label simply, be about to

<A Href= instead

<A Rel=’external Nofollow’ Href=

External Nofollow is being used in most moment and Nofollow go up and do not have too big different, because generally speaking what we want to increase this property is exterior link. The article says to be able to pass setting interior link not to dog (Internal Nofollow) will adjust webpage weight flow direction, in order to achieve the effect of SEO, the individual feels this skill too too complex, and the size of actual effect also hard textual research, be inferior to granting pay attention to. Those who need a specification is, a few websites also increase his friendship link Nofollow property, will undertake SEO is optimized with so baleful and fraudulent means (* of course this is exceeding very easy also without courtesy by the) of get behind, the friend that sees here mights as well because increased this property,going checking those to point to him friendship to link is and nominal.

Nofollow is a when Google put forward in January 2005 standard that prevents rubbish link, later be accepted quickly by each big search engine, google is not to dog to containing the kind of the link of this attribute (spider of that is to say did not continue to climb down this link) also do not calculate link weight, yahoo is to collect to it but do not dog, baidu did not make a statement to this allegedly but undertake collecting at least. In the light of home many Spammer is used leave a message will release rubbish information, the weight that this Nofollow avoided them to obtain a webpage to link from inside the link with these rubbish accessary information (namely these exterior links do not produce influence) to PR, regretful is, this can not make these rubbish information and link are mixed by Yahoo when the search engine such as Baidu is collecting relevant page by eliminate, I think this also is Spammer people the reason that still is very happy with it.

But this standard can not get everybody’s welcome, in fact, in roll out get before long of many people object, the famousest is 100 divisions are in Vicki the censure that after catenary uses this standard, causes external, people thinks all participator also are an author at the same time, the trace that should be not existed by him efface (inattentivegeneral idea is such) , nevertheless, such boycott sound also fails to affect this to be carried out normatively. To it contrary is foreign stationmaster people the Dofollow of the appeal, ever had a rumor to say Google is about to roll out this is normative for a time even, the action that views a name to know this property wants the Google spider that searchs engine to must climb in down this link namely, search engine nevertheless people how to handle this standard and it practical effect, return unknown at present, do not have too big effect it seems that.

For corresponding WordPress, plug-in unit can move technically except the Nofollow attribute in leave a message and be being commented on, this is the participation that the hope encourages the person that browse with this means the sequential actor bad that; does so is difficult bright, because I always feel right for Chinese Bloger, the most that draws with the means of lure by promise of gain is the response that does not have content even more flooey, ground of my some one’s own wishful thinking thinks: The goal that the good person that browse, pleader shares and start won’t also should not stem from this purpose. Of course, if everybody Dofollow and such doing also can have favorable effect really, I also do not mind such coming that do.

Another some of person is right Nofollow the reason of this normative sniff, because they think the value of the website does not depend on these links for the most part,be, and the content that depends on going up character actually. I remember reading an article, respecting this problem when did very the analogy of figure: You have 100 money, you can choose to think method produces it the biggest effect as far as possible, or it is to use this time that thinks way to earn take more money, former and apparent saying SEOer namely. If,my view is can SEO of give attention to two or morethings and content are best of course, nevertheless this nots allow apparently easy.

Do not know to the network environment of Chinese SEO looks particularly important, the Spammer on the feeling is particularly much, almost two days each somebody will send some of belt to wear website link, actually the advertisement of action of it doesn’t matter replies of what, my even is such, most propbably discharge can get than bigger site more preferences. The way that makes SEO actually is very much, a bit hands or feet is done to be not met on website structure, flexible language, key word too allergy letting a person, but what thing is excessive also appear too dull, and this does not have too much advantage more to the abiding development of the site.

The effect that fabulous Google reduces a link to rise in the place on webpage value of purpose allegedly, knowing is true, can be the heft that they promote an user the experience of purpose certainly nevertheless, more attention; are done on feedback of the person that this will be allowed inside that is to say actually and browse so, what no matter be,stem from pair of him websites is responsible, still look from long eye, proper SEO can be to perfect, and content is final the first crucial element.

To major independent Bloger, actually their site does not have the commercial resource of how many to be able to be dug, great majority cannot be accomplished with Bo Yangbo repeatedly even, this also includes many PR=4 to return site of pretty good absolute gain customer it seems that among them. Absolute gain guest promotes in PR 4 taller even before put in advertisement most to be able to rise to cause the person that browse feel disgusted only, can gain objective good even income with this truly, have taller webpage weight likely. Review the Chinese rich stranger with taller even PR=5, who should doing not have is only with SEO can of get victory, so, be being returned finally is content is king.

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