Wu Angeng: The 3 big states of SEOer

Late at night, do not know why, remember suddenly " terrestrial notes and comments on Chinese poetry " .

Turn on the desk lamp of orange color, look silently. Of the Leng Leng outside the window, do not know not the water of renown lake how.

Eye touchs life when 3 big states, 1000 kinds of billows upsurge in the heart. Recall oneself life, recall the work.

Below the written guarantee that sees Jie Xinzhong with respect to the word of gentleman of dimension of kingdom of have the aid of, say the state to SEOER.

The first state: Green jade of wither of yesterday evening west wind is cultivated, go up alone high-rise, visit skyline region.

Before knowing me two years, as a result of what touch, contacted SEO. This is told to me, it is a kind of arousal, in the life with muddleheaded university, find to cut a point newly suddenly. Wherefrom rises momently, I like wildly to look about the article that optimizes at the search, once 5 search trends that the hour is staring at Baidu see in a row, want to find out the habit that people searchs, with the collocation of key word.

Late at night how many, how many late night, my person is being explored. The wind outside the window is already alone.

The 2nd state: The garment is taken gradually wide eventually not regret, the disappear that it is Yi gets a person gaunt.

Each thing, having its secret. If use technical eye to learn SEO, without how long OK go no further. truth, SEO is the accumulation of detail technology, it is those a few kinds of method nothing more than. However the thing always is changing, the algorithm of Baidu upgrades ceaselessly, as outstanding SEOER, must have the idea of SEO, can find out among them rule from inside changing subtly. This asks I am very clinging, learn, communication, groom, summary.

Begin, never had thought SEO can bring economic income to me, because like, hold to so. Do not cross the favor of God, let me always be touched, ceaselessly the company looks for me, write propagandist article, make a search optimize. Slowly, also made oneself brand in Changsha SEO bound, become a friend with everybody.

Tired when, I walk out of the balcony, look at at night silent hill, always have weeping impulse.

The 3rd state: Numerous in search him a thousand times, suddenly turn one’s head, that person wanes to the close in lights however place.

I cherish the change that SEO brings very much now, also make first-class service for each client to the utmost. Do a SEOER, sometimes character is more main, assure the rank of Baidu without the person, the SEO that also can know a week without the person serves, real ground can bring how many profit to the client, but regard SEOER as itself, must stand fast oneself principle, pay sincerely, ground of with one one’s heart has been done, after all, give you advantage, it is your client. Each client backside, having 5 potential clients.

Baidu gives a netizen to indicate way, and what what we want to build is to wane to the close place. Here, waiting for a netizen. (Seocs.blog.hexun.com)