WordPress searchs 20 when engine optimizes practical skill

1, do not prohibit searching engine to index.

Search the first pace that engine optimizes, it is the index that cannot prohibit searching engine reptile. Generally speaking, when installing WordPress, acquiesce allows to search engine to index. Of course, if you did not take care to choose to prohibit also doing not have a relation when install, you can be passed land WordPress Control Panel, in privacy (Privacy) revise inside menu.

2, does your rich guest have a clear theme?

A lot of people like to go to what throw inside rich guest, car, the film, music, wait etc. Of course, such practice does not have a fault. But, searching engine is very stupid, your theme is too much too miscellaneous, searching engine not to know your rich settle or live in a strange place is about what. In the meantime, the reader also can feel interrogative to this kind of form. More asks theme of referenced rich guest to be decided really about the article of rich guest theme, and you are to become customer of independent individual rich, guest of rich of independent still theme two articles.

3, standardization of URL network address.

If every your article has many network address, so you may face the following problem: Search engine does not know to should searching result alliance to show which network address; Pagerank is between many network address prediction of a person’s luck in a given year; Because duplicate,content gets penalty. Of course, after WordPress 2.3, the problem of many network address had solved an article. So, if you return the word that using old version, upgrade to newest version rapidly, or, installation WordPress link jumps turn plug-in unit. The detail can consult the lets WordPress URL standardization of Niky one article.

4, code passes XHTML test and verify.

Great majority when, the impact that code mistake brings is very little, but a few serious mistakes are likely the misunderstanding that causes search element engine, make your rich guest is fallen to counterpoise thereby.

The code of WordPress itself is very normative, but once you used the pattern plate with non-standard code, or plug-in unit, may bring wrong code. Additional, when Blogger is writing an article, possible also meeting generates wrong code.

Accordingly, when choosing pattern plate, had better be from search over there a few famouser composers. Additional, when downloading pattern plate, also had better go directly the author’s homepage or official webpage downloads, do not go tripartite website downloads.

5, side column does not have too much link.

This, can consult the side column that how optimizes rich guest one article.

6, the picture is used inside the article.

The picture is used inside the article, can draw the reader’s attention not only, still can use Alt label, title label, already file name. These can increase the keyword of the article on certain level. In the meantime, the literary works that still can let you appears inside picture search element.

7, correct use H label.

The caption of rich guest, main perhaps keyword should use H1 label. If the subhead of rich guest perhaps is described,also contain a keyword, should add a H2 label so. Otherwise if use Div label went. Article caption should use H2 label. The caption of side column should use H3 label, perhaps do not add H label. What the side column caption of a lot of pattern plate uses is H2 label, including the acquiescent pattern plate that WordPress carries oneself also is.

8, use Ping serves.

Ping service is very important, the literary works that he can let you as far as possible fast be indexed by search engine. Specific you can consult WordPress Ping list. What need an attention additionally is, after you release a text, no matter be to edit to still be revised, metropolis again Ping. So, after the article is released, edit and do not revise again often.

9, install plug-in unit of Google XML Sitemaps Generator.

Do not know to who had to keep similar plug-in unit technically in the light of Baidu, baiDu XML Sitemap Generator?

10, do not use the pattern plate that contains sponsor link.

Architect of a few pattern plate can be in the bottom other perhaps place of pattern plate to take the link of the sponsor, these links are a few links paying fee normally. Use this kind of pattern plate, receive penalty because of the problem that buying and selling links very easily.

11, use conventional SEO technology.

Rich guest also is a site, the content that the site optimizes and skill agree with likewise rich guest, be like: Key word is used inside caption and article. Key word is added thick highlight increase retrorse link to see search engine optimize more (SEO) rich guest

12, pay attention to article skeletonize name write a law

This basically are to be aimed at the rich objective that used English skeletonize name, the WordPress rich guest that is not English skeletonize name need not consider this. Inside skeletonize name, OK and proper accretion keyword.

13, the issue date of set article.

Search engine and reader like fresh content, but the Blogger of our great majority, likelihood some day inspiration erupts, kept a lot of content, next next very long do not write give. This moment, you can release the issue date of functional set article automatically of WordPress to solve this problem.

But rich guest alliance thinks, had better be to have civil send immediately. Of course, these two kinds of methods have desirable place each, is whose blame, still get the convention that watchs an individual and other reasons. Doing not have any skill is general, those who suit oneself is best.

14, use label function

WordPress 2.3 and above version began to take Tag function oneself, wanted you to use label function between the article only, wordpress can make a page for every your key word. Such you can acquire the many in-house link that contains key word.

15, website of integrated socialization media

Collect or the function is recommended what socialization media website adds above the guest in rich. Home suggests to use collect the WordPress plug-in unit that share, and pushbutton of station extrapolate Jian.

16, deepness link.

A few methods that deepness links implement on rich guest: Inside the article catenary receives the other article inside rich guest, the attention uses appropriate keyword. Use relevant article plug-in unit. Rich guest alliance is recommended show same classification below the plug-in unit of the article. The most welcome literary works shows in side column, can use Popularity Contest plug-in unit, or plug-in unit of WordPress Chinese kit.

17, the person that let borrowed and automatic and aggregate website serve for you.

This are in home especially useful. Duplicate, full text reprints great popularity, automatic and aggregate website is very much also. Want you to add the article link inside the station inside the article only, can acquire a lot of retrorse links very easily too. Additional, to the sort of passing Rss comes from the website that uses group, you still can make below in order to 3 kinds of methods will let them serve for you: Plug-in unit of use ST Add Related Posts To Feed will in Feed bottom increase the link of relevant article to use Better Feed to add copyright life in article bottom. Ad is shown inside Feed.

18, install plug-in unit of All In One SEO Pack.

Ask the All In One SEO Pack of referenced WordPress plug-in unit: The WordPress rich guest that whole optimizes you one article.

19, optimize permanent link.

About this, the 6 great skill that consult permanent link installs WordPress please one article.

20, use the permanent link address that carries classification.

This, rich guest alliance is not too agree, because an article may belong to many classification occasionally, additional, encounter a few special situations, for example last Structure Theme that pattern plate, appear possibly a few little troubles, may be big trouble even.

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