WordPress founds what CMS stands to optimize skill

Writing last " history on the most arrogant GOOGLE collects record of single page time: 60 seconds " later to WordPress optimize have feeling more, then here sums up next WordPress to found what CMS stands to optimized skill at 9 o’clock:

1, of URL link structure optimize

Use / %year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html links a structure this kind, link catalog has two class only, benefit is brought at all alone, this kind of link structure that links structure and Blogspot and Movable Type is consistent, compare profit at the system flowing and migratory or switch, the Chinese that download government offers turns phoneticize plug-in unit is OK very fast change Chinese article title into phoneticize more accord with collect regulation!

2. article releases title optimize

The key word with the most crucial article had better be contained in article caption, do not use the title of a few no point

3. uses plug-in unit deepness to be opposite of article Title optimize

The Title with acquiescent WordPress is rich guest name – article name, the proposal installs a plug-in unit that is called All In One SEO Pack, can undertake Title automatically optimizing, increase the Meta of Descriptions and Keywords.

4. is reasonable use relevant article to increase key word density

The mark that passes Tag will realize relevant article, suggest the Tag system inside use WordPress 2.3 will come true, efficiency will be better

5. prevents rubbish to leave a message the influence that comments on pair of search retrieval results

Rubbish leaves a message the comment can affect Blog to cite the performance in propping up in the search, install to filter automatically rubbish leaves a message of the comment plug-in unit, be like Akismet

Of 6.Sitemap optimize

To Google search all alone engine is told, use Sitemap can make search engine more effective have index, and remind GOOGLE cobweb the station has been updated constantly, inform she will crawl your website

Of 7.robots.txt optimize

Rich guest root places the document of a Robots.txt below catalog, can appoint search engine to collect appointed content only. Having a few addresses should be not indexed by search engine.

8. renews your rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit constantly

Often update, and draw up the content of high quality, this ability is the most crucial place in SEO

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