With the website passenger flow of a little different rich measures 10 ways of origin

Core clew: Rich guest and general website have a lot of different place, the promotion means of rich guest and website also have certain difference, this also has a few distinctive place with respect to the discharge origin that brought about rich guest, the origin way that knows rich guest flow is good to doing the sale of rich guest is very those who be necessary.

1.Search engine

Searching engine is origin of rich guest discharge is the biggest door, this has gotten confirming in guest of a lot of rich. At present the main search discharge of guest of a few rich comes from wait at Chinese of search of Baidu, Gu Ge, search, Yahoo. Search the discharge of engine to attract or expand, you must master certain SEO technology.

2.RSS subscribes to

Actually, guest of a lot of rich uses mandatory RSS and after full text is outputted, come from the discharge at RSS reader to be able to decrease, but RSS regards education as faithful user is to have very great help. The method that popularizes RSS has refer RSS to RSS dragnet to stand, strive for be recommended in RSS reader, RSS subscription is placed in the favorable position of rich guest, in the article remind user subscription your rich guest waits finally.

3.Network bookmark

The network bookmark here shows the net is picked not just, still include the gregarious website such as small gain guest, SNS to wait, if use these tools appropriate, also can get constant flow so.

4.Alternant space

Forum, Baidu is stuck, the alternant space that Baidu knows to wait for a few traditions applies good meeting to bring many discharge, some moment are OK also rich settle or live in a strange place is built on the other rich guest such as sina, release oneself text, those who guide an user to read you is former achieve, mix in a few PR discharge releases flexible language above taller website or contribute also is right choice.

5.Rich guest is commented on

The comment of rich guest is to distinguish the element at a few traditional websites, as rich advocate often reply the reader’s comment can reinforce rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit between interactive, be aimed at between the reader same piece the rich objective that the comment also meets other reader goes go for a walk, if one compares famous rich guest of fire, the platoon comment in the first or leave a message to also often can get many flow. We often can see guest of a few rich is not a rich, but its the comment that every article has 50 above, it is to ambulate more very bring.

6.Recommend each other

Recommend cent to recommend others to be recommended to mix by others. How can come true to be recommended by other, need has constant everybody pulse (everybody knows, or have certain knowledge to you) , what need you to have the high quality of a few individual character more is former achieve an article, allegedly of KESO read list to often can bring many discharge to certain rich guest, the discharge of the rich guest that the subscription list oneself makes public guest of a few famous rich to also can increase its to subscribe to. Recommend others to be based on the essential requirement of rich guest, also be based on the traditional culture of China, you recommended my article, I have an opportunity to also can recommend you, this kind is courtesy demands reciprocity reflect. If you are right what my article is recommended or comment on is justifiable, so the bosom friend that I can think you are me, once this kind of train of thought is formed, so he can subscribe to in the reader that your article has the rich guest you recommends him himself.

7.Topic sale

Itself tells a kind of interactive tool that also is rich guest with respect to the topic, but if be a certain organization or small group are conscious,run the way that can make passenger flow of a kind of rich estimate source. Occasionally this is intended, also be occasionally innocently, but the content that discusses with respect to article place will tell it to also should count the channel of origin of a kind of discharge.

8.Attract eyeball

Attract eyeball doable article more, spoken parts in an opera is to pass a series of method and method cause the allergy of others or notice just. Cite a case: Somebody writes a few as unreasonable as normal thinking articles technically to undertake challenging causing combat then to a few distinguished personages, this also can be brought run in great quantities. Qin Ai’s earliest website Cengzhuai has picked a Zhao Yun is the article of beautiful magnolia, appear in searching engine at least the first be achieved formerly even if annals of Qin Ai net, this article is put in hot article to try to recommend in rich guest China and 365KEY at that time, then a few people send a comment to tell me a few their people wrote a few articles that prove a gender to launch a challenge to me, because Qin Ai is not to be achieved formerly, did not accept, final this matter ends up with nothing definite, if once Qin Ai is former,be achieved, see such provoking, of the battle of the controversy that arouses a few networks with respect to possible meeting. Who does wh whoever get the better of to lose, can bring the mouse discharge of playgoing person.

9.Unusual step

The method of special rule is more, if the hacker adds the caption party of the virus sale of equestrian technology, email, content to wait, want you to be willing to beg discharge not to seek other only only, you can think of certainly a lot of. But factual proof, the life of this kind of website or rich guest is very finite.

10.Traditional skill

If you are in school student, you tell your university the fellow student, the high school that tells you in alumnus collection (elementary school) classmate; If you worked, you tell your colleague, and imprint in the front of calling card or the reverse side go up your rich guest URL; If you have some of name, you and reject to enter person IM chatting dialog with others, the rich customer that you tell others you leaves a message letterhead; If you think again famous, spend calling card of 10 yuan of Qian Yinsan boxes, the address that makes rich settle or live in a strange place and introduction arrive at the door the school the rich customer that mad hair can give you brings discharge.

The course that seeks rich guest discharge also is rich guest one of management process must, afore-mentioned Qin Ai writes a few brokenly, regular meeting is omited a lot of, if you have,thought of, but the Qin Dynasty loves those who go up to was not written, the way that can put forward to you understand or master and everybody are shared together.

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