With the content quality that SEO concerns

Although making public a circumstance, almost everybody admits, SEO(search engine is optimized) whether obtain anticipated result, depend on the content quality of the website. But, undeniable also, in a lot of people subconscious in, still put have the idea that is similar to outstanding content not to need SEO and so on, in fact, a lot of people consider to undertake SEO to his website, because be opposite,be of oneself content quality self-distrust, for instance oneself hear some client to be opposite even SEO staff talk if how my content is like why, even what does your SEO do, hope SEO can be changed decayed for magical.

On the other hand, although everybody thinks, the content of high quality is obtain an user to approbate and assure basically of the visit again, but content quality also is one comparatives ambiguous index, open a fun to say, the website builder with every good find oneself can claim oneself content is outstanding, how to decide content quality and the content that how add high quality for the website become a key, particularly right SEO, what the operation faces is right seem addlehead machine and not be a person, no matter how the algorithm of search engine is exquisite, dan Conggen comes up originally say, its can not understand content itself, and can come through specific other factor, index only the outline that faintly describes content quality.

Also because of this, deciding SEO to consider to search engine merely is far insufficient, content quality needs from the user, from website oneself a lot of angle is measured.

Content quality depends on have to the user worthless

Should measure a website / the quality of the webpage, the basiccest is its have to target user worthless. Although say strictly, this also is the superfluous words with an operation not strong sex, but requirement website builder changes position, the angle that assumes oneself stand in the user comes judgement, analysis, such as is this article helpful to me? Valuable? It is cogitative that the website releases this text still update to update merely? Be perhaps although is quality very poor,this website produced this content merely but release to avoid waste? Etc.

In the meantime, content quality is opposite, the content of the website is outstanding body now with the competitor go up quite. This analyses the content of oneself and competitor objectively with respect to requirement website builder, can you help an user effectively than them really?

Start the foundation that is content quality formerly

So saying is not to point to of course copy the content that come over not outstanding, very simple, if the content quality of a certain webpage is very high, borrowed its oneself website can not change its outstanding essence, to value also existing really the visit user of the website. the SEO that says pair of website oneself however, the content that borrowed and comes can not bring the help on too much and real significance. Although borrowed in Chinese domain,not be a big question, but rely on those who score real success to borrowed be afraid also belong to rare.

The reason is very simple, the website content that although borrowed,lets you possibly is richer, the likelihood brings the visit discharge that comparative, but, rely on to borrowed and cannot bring user faithfulness to spend, more the viscosity of anxiety talking website, in fact, still can have very big negative effect, can treat the big fear of SEO even.

The readability of content quality and webpage

From theoretic say, readability does not affect content quality itself, but cannot change this absolutely. One is read easily, more friendly to the user page ability has value, otherwise, the user may sweep what abandon on one times casually and go, no matter how content is outstanding.

In addition, the language of website builder conveys ability to also have the effect that comparative. Same content, same point of view, somebody may be written fascinatingly and somebody is written insipid, the consequence that produces is put in great difference.

Of content first with lasting effect

The uniqueness of content

In SEO, former in achieving content and distinctive content, we had discussed so called distinctive content borroweding flush exist very hard also in fact today, but, from on the other hand, if your content is same,take the lead in involving this topic in the domain, take the lead in offerring some kind of point of view, have inherent advantage when search engine judges content quality, in the meantime, no matter LinkBaiting is in,Chinese website domain is in after all how old hold water on degree, this kind achieve formerly, the content that has independent viewpoint or perspective harvests a link more easily.

Grow effect content

Unless the is characteristic with sex of effectiveness for a given period of time news to major kind site, offer appropriately in oneself website in long-term inside effective or what say not to let time at least is outspread the content that loses its value too much, it is the choice of get twice the result with half the effort. This kind grows effect content, conduce to a website expanding not only with consolidate user group, also can accumulate authority to spend gradually.

Closely related the target of content quality and website oneself

To specific website character, total meeting has the construction cause of oneself, offer some kind of product, service to be clicked simply perhaps through advertisement for example obtain income to wait. Look from the angle of website oneself, valuable content still should have sufficient changeover capacity, helpless the webpage that leads at raising a website to change is to do not have too great sense.

When producing content with respect to requirement website, this should combine the construction goal of the website.

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