With " recreational little game " SEO of this dilatancy key word

How had we done a website hind to promote key word quickly rank method? Today with recreational little game for this word.

Above all people remember: The key word distribution with the equitable META+ with Baidu rank tie-in and reasonable = + effective inside catenary + comfortable Z is become outside catenary + the content that the user needs

1, best static state turns the page, the static state changes a page to be helpful for searching engine to collect. Dynamic page had better be handled, make page of bogus static state.

2, key word of recreational little game should be contained in Title label, concise and clear, title label is very important, the weight that ranks to key word is very tall, must have held.

3, the weight that density of key word of recreational little game ranks to key word is very tall also, ordinary control is in 2%-8% . Key word density is too small weight is little, do not go on key word rank; Too big key word ranked key word density to go up very quickly, but by the speed of Baidu K very fast also. So key word density must have held, also do not huddle key word comes cogged.

4, the position of the keyword is very significant also, so you should arrange the place of this recreational little game well, the label such as B H Alt should have key word, what do not do nevertheless is ham. Textual and best also appear a few times key word, as to should appear a few times key word, appear where, yourself holds.

5, of website interior inside catenary, contain recreational little game of this key word inside catenary also is a key.

7, the catenary outside the website, contain recreational little game especially this key word Pr is worth tall outside catenary, such outside catenary is very effective to raising key word to rank.

8, webpage content had better use Div+css form.