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Core clew: We will ask expert cereal song the robot, see what how he evaluates us answer code.

Of we and cereal song robot date last time extremely marvellous, but website people still compare bewilderment to answering code to feel, the response that does not know oneself are returned code is right. Our server returned 301 permanent heavy directional code, but below what circumstance should be we returned 302 weigh temporarily directional? If we return a few new 404 documents to cannot find code, googlebot whether won’t revisit our website? Should we support heading (Header) If-Modified-Since? These problems make a person bemused indissoluble, the love that is like muddled is same. For a bit less the trouble of such, we will ask expert cereal song the robot, see what how he evaluates us answer code.

Graph: Supportive If-Modified-Since is heading and return 304 code to be helpful for saving bandwidth

Robot of dear cereal song,

I did general cleaning to my webpage recently, deleted a few stale, useless webpage. These webpages return 404 pages to cannot find code now, so do appropriate? Be still I let you feel bemused? Frankie OFore

Dear Frankie,

404 code are to tell the standard kind with nonexistent already webpage, to this I won’t feel bemused, be deleted from the website because of old webpage or be being updated is very normal thing. In be versed in provided capture is diagnosed, the member that the website meets great majority to manage in the website shows a few 404 errors. This is not what big question absolutely. Want you to good website framework can be linked only all you but the webpage of capture, I am met very glad, because of me can this finds native place any information that I need.

But did not forget, it is the webpage that I will come to visit you not only, the person that also can have a lot of visits sees your webpage. If you just show the information that simple 404 pages cannot find, the visit person that does not understand may very puzzle. The page that actually a lot of method can let cannot show your becomes more friendly, a the most convenient way uses the 404 coolie on tool of manager of cereal song website to provide namely, the person that it can help a visit finds the content of those true existence. Most lead plane is mandatory business, no matter size, the 404 pages that allow you to define you oneself (apply to likewise other return code) .

Those who love you,

Cereal song robot

Hey, cereal song robot,

I was read above the response that you give Frankie, I have a few problems. If how somebody links the nonexistent page on my website to do? I this person that how does ability ensure those are visited can find the thing that they mean? In addition, how should if I think shift,a few pages do? I want to organize my website better, but I fear this meeting lets you feel bemused very much, how should I let you understand my website more? Little Jimmy

Jimmy hello,

Let us take no account of your problem first early or late ordinal, from most the issue of core will reply. Above all, we will look to come from the link of other website, very apparent, these links may be a of your website main discharge source, and the information that you do not hope what the person that visit sees is a chilly page cannot be visited. Accordingly, you can be used weigh calm all along formidably to solve these problems.

Two the most commonly used kinds are weighed directional be 301 with 302. Still have more weighing in fact directional, but these two kinds are current the as most close together as our connection, no less than 404, 301 and 302 be the different sort that can send robot of user and search engine answer code. 301 and 302 it is heavy directional, but 301 for permanent heavy directional, 302 to be weighed temporarily directional. 301 it is directional and OK to weigh is telling me what kind of before this page, where did move go to to wait a moment at present. It is used faultlessly at proposing form afresh your website, the fame of the new webpage that is pointed to to recount has very great help. Every time I see 301 permanent heavy directional, I am met attach most importance to all exterior links that point to old webpage from the movement directional hind the fame computation element of new webpage. Is this very convenient?

If you do not know how to carry out these to weigh directional word, I can help your introduction. This basically depends on your Web server, in addition here has a few searches the result will be more helpful:

Apache: / Search? Q=301+redirect+apache

IIS: / Search? Q=301+redirect+iis

You also can consult the manual with server accessary place or documentation of an account in one’s own words.

As weigh another directional to replace method, you can send email to the website administrator of your website to catenary, ask them to update a link to point to. Is cannot deciding what website points to you? Need not worry, my cereal song work in the same placing had let this become easy to do. In the link share that in website management employee has, what does a certain specific URL that you can input your website come to consult exterior link pointed to this webpage.

My cereal song work in the same placing still released a new tool recently, can show all cable length to the URL of nonexistent webpage in your website, you can understand more here.

Be your work for gladly forever,

Cereal song robot

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