Will increase the one-way and retrorse link of the website through searching a result

The website that ALEXA of of all kinds now such as inquires is very much, for instance station farm laborer hired by the year is provided (/ ) etc. On such inquiry website, through inquiring your website address, can receive the page of a website address that includes you.

The inquiry result page of this website address that included you, to you, of the website address that is you, one-way, retrorse link. And as we have learned, the link of the Gu Ge’s one-way to this kind website that points to you, weight is a few taller. This that is to say, such inquiry promotes to the PR of your website, have certain active sense.

Put in a problem now, the website that job of this kind of inquiry offers on the net is too much, manual operation is apparent unworkable, had listened to a convenient way, where is the website address that inquires you on the inquiry website of adequate measure at a draught? You can download this file, one is built to increase on your website one-way the implementation page that returns chain. If your space does not support.NET, below this has done the result that this method experiments in good page (/ Blog/post/694.html) .

Actually, such similar doing not have much great sense is however the effective method that adds retrorse link is not actually little, translate result page for instance (the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character also calculates) , search result page (the method above also attributes result of a kind of search) etc.