Why doesn’t SEO ace want Keywords and Description

The literary works that Chengdu SEO remembers seeing Niu Ren in jar once says: SEO ace people be not to need Keywords and Description? ? 100 think of do not get its to solve, bewilderment must want to look for a 6 step to jump down. I just just learn how to write good Keywords and Description, I still am studying the strategy of the keyword every day, this conference appears again come to not to want Keywords and Description. This is what meaning! ! Still let did not let a person learn, then depressed in, the heart thinks this ace is really tall, do not wear so high that 2 a unit of length feel brains.

Chengdu SEO is taking depressed mood to loaf about in the network, the hope can find the solution. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, in the Blog of Sai Shu, I found the solution eventually, it is so so return a responsibility

What effect does label of these two Meta have?

Keywords: Provide reference to search engine, the core that webpage content place contains searchs a keyword.

Description: Provide reference to search engine, after the descriptive information; of the webpage searchs engine to adopt, the page summary in regarding a search as the result (Snippet) shows.

The current situation of label of these two Meta

Accurate, individual Meta information, can provide reference to search engine. But a lot of webpages make staff, in a large number of load one’s writing with fancy phrases in label of these two Meta, with period the rank that has received in searching engine. So, search engine is chasing scumble to change their referenced intention.

Current, have accurate, distinctive Keywords and Description news only, search engine just meets those who have a choice to serve as reference.

Why doesn’t the website with a lot of better ranks have label of these two Meta?

Through communicating understanding, the website with a lot of better ranks, did not set label of these two Meta, basically have these a few reasons:

1, the information that capture of engine of search of a lot of moment goes to compares what the setting secures to have an advantage more

Search the descriptive information that engine capture goes to, in next in search result showing, most circumstance is dynamic. Understandable also for, the search makes the descriptive news that props up him capture, those who secure show in searching a result the page that come out picks if it were not for, the keyword that searchs according to searcher however is different, show different page summary.

Such, mean a webpage to possess many different page summary information, the keyword trends that searchs according to searcher matchs.

2, program reason

At present the program of the mainstream, only few number provides the function that installs each page Keywords, Description independently.

Serial number of a lot of Cheng says to provide SEO function, can install Meta information, but actual condition is, all pages show whole website entirely after the setting is good information of same Keywords, Description.

Such means, not only do not have a help to the website, have load one’s writing with fancy phrases instead, use undeserved ill will, be inferior to need not.

3, workload reason

A lot of stations contain many content, if install corresponding Keywords and Description one by one to each pages, will have very big workload. Search engine now already very very powerful, clever, the page description that capture goes to is more accurate also.

Believe to search engine, these working leave out, engine of all alone letting search will finish.

4, cannot accurate setting

The page in a lot of websites, it is to cannot install fixed Keywords and Description.

For instance forum, after a card is released, the meeting in the a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender has sundry point of view, some a money order receipt to be signed and returned to senders even deviate theme, the Keywords that the setting below such circumstance secures, Description is improper.

Again for instance rich guest, with forum, want open only comment function, comment information content one big, designation Keywords and Description, at whole page content it is inaccurate.

5, contracted theory

Everything conforms to the principle of simplicity, content is sent get the better of.

Contracted the person that talk thinks: The without exception that can not want does not want, will get the result with the content of the advantage

Hey, figured out this time at long last, you never mention it, this ace still is not really general tall! !