Whole station optimizes the contrast that optimizes method of two kinds of SEO with hot word

Two kinds of websites optimize the popularity in SEO industry method, its name a kind of my general to optimize a law to heat up a word, its name a kind of my general to optimize a law to make a station, I think two kinds of methods do not have bad of what actor what originally, can travel together existence, it is the assessment requirement that differs because of two kinds when the client travels together to us, hot word optimizes a law opposite for cheaper, the operation is simple, and whole station is optimized opposite for charge wants a lot of more expensive, and the client cooperates to do a lot of works even, and hot word optimizes law is to satisfy those to want Ma Er to grow well already completely, want the client that Ma Er does not browse again, special economy is substantial.

Comparative 1: Means of commonly used assessment and plan cost means

Hot word optimizes a law

Examine way: Affirm popular keyword and project cycle first, before whether key word achieves those who search engine a few look when the project ends

Plan cost means: Press word plan cost, every word achieves the effect to pay 5k~10k fee

Whole station optimizes a law

Examine way: Affirm the website is initiative first natural search discharge and project cycle, use commonly add according to natural discharge go up scale regards assessment as the target

Plan cost means: Inside project cycle, pay a project service fee by the month

Comparative 2: What content need optimizes website interior?

Hot word optimizes a law

For every popular key word chooses to it corresponding webpage, optimize these a few webpages only can

Common operation method is the entry page that choice home page regards all hot words as

Whole station optimizes a law

To promote website whole flow, the webpage of whole website is in optimize limits in

Optimize column page and content page with optimizing means of website pattern plate to unite, page of home page, special subject, sales promotion page adopts one by one to undertake optimizing

Comparative 3: How to undertake exterior link is built?

Hot word optimizes a law

Because popular word competition is intense, want popular word to obtain good rank, external chain demand is higher, a lot of adopt group of hair to link means to get link;

Catenary is centered in some a few key word to go up with entry page outside, link pattern is so similar, very factitious;

Whole station optimizes a law

Because need not chase after heat, catenary can last beyond place a few undertaking, do not need group of hair to link;

Catenary text reachs network address outside varied, imitate netizen nature adds link;

Groom market staff, will outside catenary and; of union of market activity photograph

Comparative 4: What difference does service content have?

Hot word optimizes a law

The client offers website source program, SEO company has a few big entry pages modification, basically emphasize particularly on raising; of key word density

Can report the rank of a few big popular key word regularly

Whole station optimizes a law

SEO company offers clear project schedule, series to optimize plan, all sorts of grooming, ; of all sorts of graph of webpage modification sample, webpage article table

Weekly collect project makes progress, website discharge, example key word ranks a circumstance, can open conference discussion to optimize plan executable sex;

Comparative 5: Final result is comparative

Hot word optimizes a law

Rank of a few big key word is short-term inside rapid promotion comes home page;

5 key word bring discharge to promote; to the website

Optimize a method factitious, be punished easily by SE;

The catenary outside taking seriously too too builds action, when the catenary outside becoming disappears, the effect returns to;

Whole station is optimized

Whole promotes key word rank;

Website whole discharge promotes, and stabilize; continuously

Optimize process nature to balance, do not worry to be punished;

Website interior construction is more reasonable, natural discharge effect withholds; for a long time

Staff of technology, editor, market is groomed by SEO;