Whether can the keyword rank of Baidu consider site history factor

A few algorithm of Baidu are weirder really, weird arrive to feel even him Baidu unimaginably queer occasionally.

Normally the circumstance issues us to be able to think, the element that the keyword that decides a site ranks includes site oneself quality and exterior link normally, in fact we have most time search engine is optimized (SEO) when begin from this two respects namely.

But occasionally we can discover site correcting already very long, new site content and old site do not have too much correlation, all index result that says Baidu even had undertaken updating; But the keyword previously still can come ceaselessly discharge, keyword of partial an unexpected winner still held very good rank.

The keyword that very may much friend undertakes the partial result that appears occasionally and search can discover when searching in use Baidu is done not have any connection does not contain content of keyword, nonrelevant.

Writing this article when Baidu SEO, we had had a test to many sites, the test shows Baidu, Live is put in this one problem as a result, and Google He Yahu did not appear almost this one state. (we do not eliminate to check individual sex difference)

Appear the reason of this one circumstance may have two, we undertake an analysis to this one phenomenon now.

Reason one:

Itself has the historical factor that considers a site in the algorithm of Baidu, include the historical rank of the site, keyword and content field, and of this one part think will be in by plan into the rank weight computation of this site is medium henceforth, the value increasing advantageous position of the historical content that the differential bulk that follows former content according to the content after the site is adjusted will come give new site finally certainly. Namely historical element is met by selectively plan into ranking element.

So be in to us begin search engine to optimize (SEO) when can bring not little inspiration, for example the domain name that we can buy a few relevant domains to have pretty good rank, allow our working get twice the result with half the effort.

Reason 2:

The historical rank of Baidu was not updated in time, this involve the rank of Baidu to replace a mechanism, but theory comes up if saying to collect a result to undertake updating, relevant rank also can be in short-term inside undertake updating. But the newer mechanism that comes to those who see a rank with respect to current condition is problem having a place it seems that.

This word is used to become a few sites by cap of a lot of Zuo at most normally, in an attempt to gets higher flow. Namely I do to suit the site according to Baidu be fond of, be in appropriate when perpetrate a fraud. Should be to the word of medium heat more applicable, won’t get the influence of too much and artificial interpose. One kind nevertheless this also is Baidu SEO only is forecasted just, everybody can do a few stations to check useful.

Say a few the individual’s views additionally, the ultimate goal that searchs engine is to want a spider (infinite hasten is bordering on Spider) a true caller (wanting complete imitate of course is impossible) , experience in order to get to true user, assure the authenticity of the rank and objectivity thereby. The angle that prop up should be brought to ponder over a problem from the search more when we are undertaking operating to the site, ability can see a lot of problems very lucidly.