When the search engine turns content into the provider

Core clew: Gu Ge rolls out Knol, this is similar to Vicki 100 divisions mode, the website of content is founded in the user, cereal songbook body also became content provider. How does it locate oneself part?

There is the search of two kinds of types on Internet. A kind of type is the webpage result that the user thinks to give out through searching engine, find the detailed information; about some theme another kind of type is the user wants to find material information inside the shortest time. Search a type to the first kind, some people may think, search index props up song of 3 tycoons cereal, yahoo, with; of Microsoft Live have equal shares but search a type to the 2nd kind, gu Ge appears even if get army person.

All alone engine can offer present search to be solved immediately, and it is index and organizer merely no longer. The search of this kind of type is impossible to make money almost, because know the user of this answer,be affirmation won’t click advertising. But, reason believes, instant to these information is solved so that jump over the search engine that has jumped over quickly, will win more turning round more possibly guest, build extensive information natural resources more easily thereby.

Gu Ge has such a lot of search tools, the user can find weather forecast, stock immediately through Gu Ge the information such as program of inquiry of changeover of match of quote, sports, money, map, airliner and lexical explanation. Yahoo and Microsoft also try best to catch up, the instant news that makes themselves searchs a tool.

A lot of aspects that the tool list of Yahoo compares Gu Ge undoubtedly are more practical. Its search shortcut (all function that Search Shortcuts) can cover Gu Ge to search a tool almost, still can cover more information field, for instance natural gas price and traffic condition. However the information content of the each domain of Yahoo search shortcut is little however at Gu Ge, this lets the public think Gu Ge can provide better instant news.

Should overtake Gu Ge and Yahoo, microsoft still has very long way to want. This decided the 3rd of market share to it can bend house search only. Manager of product of Microsoft Live search summarized Live instant information to search the advantage of the tool in his rich guest, he states Microsoft been joininging communication breath, encyclopedia and constellation carry force at present 3 domains held active advantageous position. Actually, microsoft is done very well really. Of opposite Yahoo imitate blindly for, it is one kind is surmounted, because of its sortie the field that cereal song place does not have. When is the search spring equinox for instance, pass the online encyclopedia tool of Microsoft, with respect to the answer that can reach one makes clear immediately: Next spring equinox was on March 20, 2009, on Friday. Gu Ge and Yahoo do not have this function however. The definition; Gu Ge that although Yahoo is OK,explains it through lexical function can point to Vicki the webpage of 100 divisions gives out the answer.

We can discover, these search engine are to pass the way that offers content to give out of the answer. They begin to become content provider slowly. The result that the encyclopedia search of Microsoft Live is the; Yahoo dictionary that through the Encarta of themselves this one product offers as a result comes from American bequest (American Heritage) , sports game mark of Gu Ge reachs through the statistical data of STATS company.

Gu Ge’s Knol, it is one is similar to Vicki 100 divisions mode, found the website of content by the user. Its content result and other and congener website very much the same, the; of head of a list of names posted up that can rank result page however however retries if Yahoo is OK and own,think website of price of natural gas of research and development, so the professional website such as the GasBuddy.com that relies on search engine to get user and flow this what course to follow?

The personage inside course of study offers an opinion to Gu Ge with respect to Knol in succession. They appeal Gu Ge wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment, compete through serving fairness. The search that relies on oneself ranks advantage development, it is to numerous people indicate, extremely harsh action! (civil / Shao Guihu)