What SEO case diagnoses is logistic, intuition and detail

SEO is not maths, accuracy of major place it doesn’t matter. SEO more standing by is door art, a lot of moment are recumbent the intuition that says not clear path is unidentified and experience, logic and detail are very important also at the same time.

Lift the website that side person looks two recently to diagnose case. The website of a friend, indescribable disappeared in searching engine. It is normal to be collected previously, do not know from when to begin, the webpage is less and less until disappear completely.

I saw a website, it is a simple individual website. Logic tells me, commerciality website is cogged by the possibility of K often not small, individual website is cogged possibility very little, without interest drive, far from worth while so do. The website is not collected, besides by K, or is Robots.txt file prohibits capture, or server setting prohibits spider capture.

From the point of the phenomenon, my intuition is Robots file has a problem. But open Robots file to look, do not look to give what issue really, it is very simple permission capture of all search engine. Many sprit in Robots file is little a sprit, the day is fastened poorly, so my pop the eye looks carefully, do not look to give what issue really.

At this moment detail should produce effect. I was checked with tool of test and verify of file of the Robots on the line, 3 tools have two tools to show the file is foremost the face is much give an indescribable question mark, the sort of unsolved problem that when installing Chinese font to open Chinese website like English computer, sees. Open Robots file in the browser directly, or the other side sends the document to me, with the editor software is opened, cannot see this unsolved problem.

The course speaks simply, discovering what this friend uses is Windows Vista operating system. The encode when hearing Windows Vista system is handling a character occasionally previously can have a problem. Do not know what reason. Nevertheless the result is Robots file encode likelihood occurrence problem, the search produces wrong understanding after engine capture, result not capture webpage.

I keep the file afresh in my computer, infect each other. The other side is not opened do not edit, upload webpage space directly, after a few days, it is normal that capture begins.

Of another occurrence problem is English website. In Google.com search keyword, the rank arrives in the first page almost everyday between 45 pages jump to jump. But stability is ranked in Google.cn. Because be English station, be without a meaning in the rank of Google.cn so.

Logic tells me, this and website language or server position are concerned. See a website, it is pure English, without Chinese word, the server is in the United States. Checked the retrorse link of the website, have many Chinese website link. So preliminary judgement, these links are to have rubbish suspicion by judgement. But website of a lot of English has many rubbish Chinese to link actually, consider a rank very poor, but can not appear this kind of phenomenon.

My intuition tells me, although mix associate with of many Chinese website, but unapt by penalty, and penalty also sees this kind of phenomenon rarely.

See website page do not look what to give. Discover a detail suddenly. In Google.com, there is Translate This Page on the side of the rank of this webpage (translate this page) , this is a very strange phenomenon. My computer is English system, those who use is Google.com, the English keyword of English website is ranked, should not appear translate this page this link. This specification Google is regard this webpage as Chinese webpage, rank stability in Google.cn so, but jump to jump in Google.com.

See a website again carefully, do not have Chinese really. Open CSS file discovery, there is Chinese form of a written or printed character in the font of the definition. Suggest the other side expunges Chinese font. After spending period of time, ask the problem is solved, stability of the rank in Google.com is in the first page, of course the rank of Google.cn runs from the back went.

These two case are the friend on the net was asking a lot of experts ace does not search to give reason hind, ask me through MSN. I estimate expert ace people the likelihood thinks too complexly, toward cogged, penalty wait for direction to be analysed, however oversight plain logic and intuition.