What novice stationmaster optimizes to the website is wrong at 8 o’clock

Website of most now individual should rely on search engine to obtain discharge, because this undertakes SEO is optimized,be individual stationmaster surely the road of classics, do not pass a lot of novice head of a station people the SEO of total meeting occurrence mistake, SEO is optimized excessive can let search engine to feel disgusted only, bring about a website to be punished by search engine, as to how be just optimize excessive, I am novice stationmaster people the following face explained at 8 o’clock.

1. keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases, this almost the problem that a lot of stationmaster know, but unluckily a lot of novice stationmaster make this mistake, always think keyword density has been jumped over higher, I think this idea is wrong, keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases must jump over advantages and disadvantages, can bring about a website to be punished by search engine only, my individual thinks Title wants to appear twice only the keyword is OK, keywords appears enough, still have even if should be in keyword density control 100 minutes of 2-100 are divided 7 between, too the bottom is bad to also be no good too high.

2, achieve content formerly, the discharge of individual stationmaster comes from Baidu almost now, and Baidu special now love the new and loathe the old, if new blood did not appear on your station, so you stand this weight is sheer won’t tall, the keyword is in Baidu rank also won’t tall, so each one stationmaster must insist to achieve content newlier formerly, after even if be,been collect will undertake bogus is achieved formerly.

3, it is keyword choice, good to must be chosen before making a station the keyword that suits your website, do not look for the keyword of discharge of a few instants, for instance XXX the a fewth collect. Or keyword of a few long end, you do not use these keywords the main keyword as your website, probably index of the Baidu end these keyword competition ability tall, but the flow that you want to understand these words is temporary only, how long is have more than is needed met cold come down, calculated you to discharge the first keyword cold when coming down, you can have bad luck.

4. website design, Div Css design is used when designing a website, if you won’t DIV then you search to the net, free now DIV pattern plate is much incomputable, want to assure to H1 has appeared only on a page additionally, h2 is flat do not let it appear, of other build complete station the static state not to use trends to make a station namely.

Flash is not used in 5.Flash and picture, website as navigation, present search index props up essential capture not, the picture in the website had better use Alt explanatory note, what is letting search all alone engine knows this piece of picture.

6. corrects a caption, mistake that this is novice stationmaster often, change caption often to be able to let search engine only more and more be fed up with you, bring about search engine K finally to drop you, resemble the P2pqvod.cn of a station before me, because caption changes often,be dropped by Baidu K if really eventually namely, there is home page only now and Baidu was not updated all the time, because this must look for good keyword before making a station, easily give up does not want after been choose, after the station that calculates you to want to change that to also want to wait for you really wanted particular weight, revise again, when revising, the attention does not want to want to come bit by bit with respect to total drop at a draught.

After 7. linked stationmaster of problem, novice to read article of a few SEO on the net, think of the website outside catenary can have been jumped over more more, run to each to be stuck greatly then fierce crazy hair, still use all sorts of group hair software is sent everywhere, actually this kind of practice is wrong, the quality that searching what engine values is a link is not an amount, if you are the word of new station,said again, abrupt outside catenary jumps can let search engine to think you are cogged only so, the problem of other should notice your station has dead link namely, often should examine friendship to stand to be searched engine K passes.

More haste,less speed of 8. state of mind, SEO, wanting to be ranked how to just can raise a rank quickly all the day, after wanting to know a new station undertakes optimizing, should strengthen achieve formerly content and high grade outside catenary, not impatient website is optimized want namely actually and search engine to call protracted battle, want to a good state of mind also wants to notice the user experiences.

Above 8 o’clock is my individual thinks the website is optimized 8 ban, the place that has what mistake is OK point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. Him QQ: 475965517 hopes can be mixed other stationmaster people great communication.

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