What method to promote the new website

online research and online advertising are the two priorities of a site began operations.
Operate a new site initially most troubling thing is how the site planning to increase their site’s visibility, so many people to pay attention to your own website, in particular the attention of potential customers, the following is our summary of several network marketing studio
line of thought, we hope to explore:

1 forum community outreach

Some people think this is a manual labor, but I think not.
If the method is used properly, the forum community outreach can still minimal manpower, time cost for maximum exposure.
To promote the use of the forum community, you first need to select some of the popularity, high-profile, highly relevant forum, based on my experience devaluation Baidu Knows and Baidu Post Bar, followed by the most important thing is to write compelling, highly interactive
soft paper.
Forum community to promote a good case is the city where the customer product forum marketing, take a look at it one of those soft paper: Take a look at a woman’s most wanted man, I hope you can enlighten by this, by analogy.

2 network advertising to promote

This method is suitable for the promotion of a certain financial strength of the site and a handful of investment return rate is very high site.
There are many ways of Internet advertising, a variety of ways, all of a sudden is lots to talk about, but I want to say that online advertising with traditional advertising, but also need delivery strategy, strategy properly with minimum investment for maximum effect
Each site is suitable delivery strategies may be different.

3 later paid review

paid review that is the subject of marketing, pay-related content of the comments in my wording to talk about the topic of marketing has been introduced, paid review in increased website traffic,
increase brand awareness, search engine optimization has an invaluable role.
Buy paid review, there are two possible ways, one as feedsky topic comments intermediary platform through paid advertising, there is a flaw in this way is paid a comment on this search engine optimization is not good.
Second, the release of information through the network to buy the paid commented, direct contact with the paid review writers, major problem with this approach is that the presence of paid review how billing.

4 software plug-in promotion

This approach is more suitable for and do not care about the brand’s website, commonly used approach is release contains commonly used software packages, the user once the installation package
You can modify their browser settings, such as a web site set up home, a collection of URLs.

5 Events promotion

by holding a series of activities to allow more users to participate in activities in the process of interaction with the user, and gradually achieve the purpose of website promotion, this
kind of promotion method is the most notable feature is the website can achieve awareness is high.
To do promotional activities, an important prerequisite is to have a good plan.
Common form of promotional activities to promote the contest has held xx, registered delivery points, a large discount, buy win prizes like.
As far as I know, the activities of promotion of large point of site planning are doing.

6 email promotion methods

email marketing belong to the Direct Marketing, the main advantage is based on user characteristics, hobbies send personalized, precision of the information, to achieve better promotion effect
email more suitable for access to user data sites, especially e-commerce, social networking sites.
email promotion in addition to access to the user data, another very important thing is to write the big attraction, guide customers action-mail advertising.

The above method due to their own characteristics of each site choose to use, we hope to give all website promotion staff to help.

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