What kind of website does Baidu seal? Hold concurrently talk about primary SEO method

Before paragraph time my station had been closed by Baidu. Discharge is 3~3.5 at that time 10 thousand IP, stable in rising. Passing an analysis is he made a mistake, of hypothesis roughly the reason is as follows:

1, incognito: I see him discharge stabilize Zhongshangsheng, had exceeded a few so called famous websites, change website name into love forum this is hypothesis 1.

Proposal: ? Is breed of the first month of  of  static ash foolish  of graceful Piao letting beat up head Luo  frame?

2, my discharge achieved 35000IP. Among them Baidu discharge is made an appointment with 25000, the individual feels, baidu has person specially assigned for a task to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to the website of above of 30 thousand IP, look can crush out grease. My as it happens achieves this requirement, take my operation. Listen to other friend to say, his station also is 30 thousand IP when by K, ask everybody to consult this is counted. This is hypothesis 2.

Proposal: Do not want the discharge oneself to accomplish 30 thousand above, unless you are complete,rely on public praise to do the website of discharge. If you still have redundant energy, can a website comes to redo continue to enlarge integrated discharge. The profit that such doing is, be closed not easily by Baidu beyond, because you have old station support, new station is done more relaxed.

3, my it is not quite good to optimize, be considered as XX station by Baidu. Suppose 3. Oneself feel this possibility is very little.

Other: At present the algorithm of Baidu had further change, when the method that optimizes according to TOP50 already was passed, keyword integrality dropped in the weight in SEO a lot of, spider of Baidu of that is to say is cleverer and cleverer.

I make new station afresh now, the feeling is optimized rising is much more difficult than before. Because its Central Plains is Baidu more and more way station of look down upon, new station, give you better weight far from.


1, new station must have flow, want to have ALEXA rank.

No matter you use what method, must give new station infuse flow. Rich stationmaster can buy discharge, the center that has a technology can put a horse, him stationmaster that does not have money brushs discharge, go up ALEXA lane certainly. The rank is achieved 100 thousand the left and right sides, baidu can take you seriously, meeting day time of the day considers you, can give you the weight of be on friendly terms, can give you flow. A lot of people think rank and Baidu do not have a relation, but observe according to me, at present home still does not have the circumstance of discharge statistic of authority to fall, baidu basically judges the discharge of the website extremely likely according to ALEXA, ordinal those who will decide a website is completely heavy.

What weight points to is the grade that Baidu gives you website definition, it is the coefficient that ranks to the keyword.

E.g. ,

A: ? Does heat of Quan  Yu hold  astounded to be able to bear or endure lens of  of sneer of  of the instruct other bolt of limit of bucket of  of Hui of  contest exemplarying the Huaihe River that regretful Gui?

B: ?  of punish of Quan  rapid sincering feeling shelters with respect to  vomit  4 gallop? of regret of Xing of ū of Lu of Gang of cut down of graceful ㄖ of astounded of let down with a rope of cease of  of remnant of the  that return Piao) , additionally the weight of the website is 500, you discharge this moment namely be in the first,

Generally speaking famous website weight is tall, by our way station weight, this is why we cannot optimize QQ directly the reason of this exceeding and popular keyword. What keyword should so new station optimize to compete with big station? A lot of stationmaster can tell you, since cannot optimize QQ,you optimize QQ expression this therein spend popular keyword. Wrong. This is the keyword that the website that had had 10 thousand flow of 1~2 can optimize, new station optimizes it without the qualification at all.

New station does not have a rank without discharge, by what does Baidu let you optimize him? If you must optimize QQ expression,have 2 results only.

1, Bai Xin is bitter, the weight because of you too bottom, others turns over 50 pages ability to find you after Baidu searchs QQ expression;

2, think you are cogged, infiltrate you blacklist, the website that there are you again in Baidu from now on.

Is what can actually you optimize a success QQ greeting expression / S? Cl=3f=1wd=qq%CE%CA%BA%F2%B1%ED%C7%E9tn=baidur if do you feel this too big also optimize Qq to use feeling greeting expression / Rs.php? Did Q=qq%CE%CA%BA%F2%B1%ED%C7%E9tn=baidur understand now?

Optimize, want namely at present from yours discharge and ALEXA rank set out actually, estimate your Baidu weight, link the popular rate of keyword of your pitch on, fractionize keyword, the keyword that suits you certainly again tries to pack push to engine. Such ability optimize a success.

2, should achieve formerly, insist to keep newer. Achieve formerly those who point to is engine eye medium achieve formerly, and rather than is achieved formerly really.

3, increase exterior connection. The welcome is sent standard of law friendship join actively by pilfer law

4, make later the guest is politic. Content of website atmosphere controversy is looked like only I alone honour

5, the gun is hit odd bird. Low-key and politic substantial profitable strategy