What kind of article length is helpful for SEO?

Talk about to optimize detail to get a bit dull problem about searching engine today.

There is a friend to ask in forum before, what kind of article length is helpful for SEO? Say two first above all basically forever correct gibberish principle:

1) set out from the user, consider user experience, do not consider to search engine to optimize.

2) the word grows, without the word short.

Will be analysed again, if must want to stand in the angle consideration of SEO, some of what kind of processing should have?

Above all, The article is the shortest also should control above in 200 words. The reason has two:

1) if have a few words only, what is searching engine to judge the theme that gives a character not easily, also do not go out with respect to judgement with what keyword the most relevant.

2) if main body is too short, compare navigation system likely, menu, copyright statement miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the word number that the thing of 8 adds up is little still, be suspected to be duplicate content. If such character crosses little page to abound in, the likelihood causes website interior duplicate webpage grow in quantity. Because similar sex is too tall between your webpage, distinguishing character is too short.

Long article attracts a link easily. Had read a lot of very long articles, grow a few pages even. Although read when Lalaila goes a little no-go, but such article attracts a link more easily actually.

Because such article is normally,analyse with respect to development of a certain topic, not thorough he also cannot be written so long. So other rich customers or website discover such thorough research article, natural meeting discovers its value, regard the article as resource, cite next.

If assign long article a few paragraphs, other rich guest cites not easily. More fragmentary article is regarded as the possibility of resource can be reduced. This is both between be to have delicate psychological difference actually, very long, very complete, very thorough article, the impression that gives a person is valuable resource.

Another advantage is, such article content is rich, look in search engine, can enhance authority.

Some moment assign long article into a few pages, also have its advantage. The first advantage is grow in quantity of whole website page, website dimensions greatens. And the authority that big website gives birth to one day is spent.

The 2nd is, what if your article can differentiate,differ is paragraphic, and each paragraphic have a key each, become different and paragraphic branch at that time different page is more advantageous. Because of each paragraphic the thematic dependency that has him, after cent becomes much page, can optimize a webpage in the light of different keyword.

Generally speaking, besides in front the very long article of place discussion, whether to think according to the character of article itself and you easier attraction is linked, outside consider to whether be divided into different page, common implied meaning should be more appropriate between 400-800 word. This is not the angle consideration from SEO merely, also consider an user. Too long let an user easily look the first times irritated, too short picture in front cannot form a theme what say.

Of course what here discusses is with SEO angle sets out, but a lot of moment do a website, SEO is very little one part consideration only. E.g. a lot of websites some common interlocution FAQ, if problem it is clear that 9 words answer, also do not have necessary write hundreds of words.