What is the representative is hijacked

Hijack like PR same, to the gimmick of a few black hat circumvent that prevent hard quite, want to discuss actively not quite originally, because have a lot of time,can cause very great harm to innocent stationmaster.

Advanced in SEO case of two days, mentioned a representative to hijack (Proxy Hijack) , somebody asks is how to return a responsibility, explain today. Resembling this kind of thing is Shuang Renjian, cankered person looked, much the tool of a harm others to benefit oneself. On the other hand, the stationmaster that has killed by its looked, perhaps prevent to them and restore to have openly sense.

The representative is hijacked say simply even if searched engine to collect the webpage that browses through acting server, and true webpage is punished or delete originally.

Domestic head of a station is right acting server (Proxy Server) affirmation is very familiar. When other on use representative server website, the URL that the browser shows is to be similar to normally:

/ Proxy/

Among them Proxysite.com is acting server domain name, proxysite.com is the website that wants a visit truly.

This kind of URL is opened to be no problem of course in the browser, but if search engine capture this kind of URL, can form webpage of completely duplicate content to original website. Although duplicate,content webpage just is ignorred below majority circumstance, but fall in certain circumstance, search engine judges a mistake, can treating original version as is duplicate and be deleted even by penalty.

Usually, the URL that visits through acting as agent should be not collected. But if somebody is baleful,the link acts as agent to this URL, search engine also can be visited and capture.

How prevent or to how prevent or reinstate the rank that is hijacked by the representative?

The simplest, if see oneself webpage is acted as agent to hijack, look up the IP address of that representative server, on him server drop screen of that IP address, prohibit capture.

But some moment, the IP address of acting server can have change, and acting server so much, probable screen does not come over. More complex method is a server whether is end differentiates those who will visit through the program search engine spider, whether be true search engine spider.

Below some circumstances, the browser type when search engine spider is visited through acting URL (User Agent) , still search the spider of engine. Nevertheless, some acting servers may be installed to conceal primitive IP address, conceal User Agent, whether is this gives judgement to search engine spider to cause very great difficulty.

At this moment whether is website program needs what active test and verify calls in true search engine spider. If the program examines,be true spider really, return normal page. If detect,not be a spider it is regular user, or it is sham spider, so returned webpage joins Noindex, nofollow label. Such when these primitive webpages are visited through acting as agent, cannot be indexed prop up a capture by search.

Google2 month is published in blackboard newspaper and website administrator of the interpreter Matt Cutts of rich guest how card of spider of Google of test and verify (of Matt Cutts stick formerly did not send the rich customer in oneself, send however in administrator of English edition website rich guest) , not be to sending those who play, have very deep sense however. From at present 0 cite link and comment look, major person does not know what this card has to use.

Search engine to be hijacked to this kind of representative ordinarily should method is judged, it is OK that otherwise this became a few people the simple and easy method of circumvent competitor. Nevertheless, any algorithm have flaw, calculate algorithm can the correct judgement of 99% , but that one mistake of escape unpunished makes innocent website is deleted possibly.

Writing this article is a hope introduce to follow much person, let everybody’s can better precaution. Use another person of circumvent of intent of this kind of method, believe everybody can be distained very.

When keeping a post rarely, think, understood person has been jumped over lesser. This is.