What is personalized search

The means of service of system of Web Information Retrieval that draws lessons from Web individuation to recommend the train of thought of the service to be a delegate in order to search engine in order to improve is a good choice.

Web individuation information recommends a service basically is to point to according to user individuation demand, turn the pertinent information that gets on Web network actively give an user. Specifically, should undertake discriminating to the personalized feature of the user above all, get the personalized mode of the user, use next already some Web information natural resources and it undertakes matching, mention the information content that for satisfying its to the user individuation asks finally. Corresponding, all sorts of techniques that the search index that is based on Web individuation information to recommend a service is propped up even if recommend Web individuation information the service apply in searching engine, the commendation that can get information of Web user feature effectively to offer individuation to the user accordingly serves, raise contemporary network to search the service quality of engine thereby.

The be subordinate to of search engine concept that is based on personalized information to recommend a service belongs to individuation to search engine concept. Individuation searchs engine since to point to interfacial individuation, also be the individuation that points to content. The individuation of alleged interface is to point to provide an user the ability of style of interface of engine of a kind of custom-built search and layout, offer its according to different user beforehand custom-built the individuation of the interfacial; so-called content that pass is to point to provide an user the ability that engine of a kind of custom-built search retrieves a result, the user that has demand of different Information Retrieval is using even if is identical search when the term, also meet those who get differring hit the target result. Apparent, be based on personalized information to recommend the search engine of the service is the individuation that emphasizes content, real significance relatively interfacial individuation is bigger.

Before this, the use of personalized technology has applied in system of contemporary search engine widely. For example, the new service that Google rolls out can let an user build his personalized Google homepage, the search result; that records user individuation is like again, the Windows Live website that Microsoft rolls out also used the service of personalized homepage. (Think of.cn of 100 million Europe)