What is black hat optimizes 6 commonly used links cogged intrigue

Black hat SEO

Say generally, all use of cogged method or doubtful method, can call black hat SEO. E.g. rubbish link, conceal a webpage, bridge page, keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases is waited a moment.

Nearly 9 years, the most typical black hat searchs engine to optimize is, all alone from other classification catalog or search with the program engine capture searchs webpage of result make it in great quantities, put Google Adsense on these webpages next. The amount of these webpages is not hundreds of thousands of, however tens of thousands of hundred thousands of. So although major webpage rank is not high, but because webpage amount is huge, still can the user enters a website, click Google Adsense advertisement.

Stand in the angle of black hat SEO, they also have their reason. Because SEO of major black hat is use program, they build the webpage of a tens of thousands of hundred thousands of page, not needing the slightest effort, the spider that should put them only goes out capture is OK. Had calculated a few months their website is punished, he may have earned thousands of tens of thousands of U.S. dollor. To him, investing pay to lead still is quite tall.

Stand on the footing of black hat SEO, this kind is put long term the strategy that drops big fish, although very correct, some people also do not want so do. Build a website seriously, some moment are very moonshine. You should keep content, want to make investigation, want to make analytic flow, want to analyse an user to browse method, want to be communicated with user communication.

What black hat SEO should do is much simpler. Buy a domain name, can use free and fictitious lead plane even, omited even the domain name. The program is opened, put Adsense code, to other leave a message this or rich guest leaves a message (these leaving a message also is the) that the process generates automatically likely, waiting for ticket of income and expenses next.

And black hat SEO has an argument that cannot deny is: You calculate the regulation that assures to abide by search engine completely, can get after 10 years of in order to one suffers the website that search engine takes seriously. Does not know all alone engine is in search when to be met make a big change to its algorithm, let by tens of thousands does white hat website disappear from search engine? The method that can say black hat SEO makes money says simply is short smooth swift method.

SEO of a few black hats links cogged intrigue commonly usedly

One, rich guest (BLOG) is cogged

BLOG, it is the tool with a kind of alternant very powerful sex. These a few years, of rich guest arisen, became black hat SEO the blessing ground of a new production link.

1.BLOG group fit fraud

In home procedure of common a few BLOG is like: ZBLOG, PJBLOG, Bo-blog. Inchoate ZBLOG, PJBLOG lacks the understanding to SEO because of developer. ZBLOG and PJBLOG, become black hat SEO for a time people often the place of patronage. And order of Bo-blog rich customer, appear to still can give black hat SEO the place that take advantage now.

2.BLOG group build cogged

BLOG group build cogged, adopt the measure with artificial perhaps program namely, file BLOG account in great quantities. Next, have the implied meaning that the keyword links through publishing a few tapes, drive the search engine of the keyword to rank through these catenary fetch.

2, leave a message group of hair

Some leave a message on general net group of hair software, the keyword URL(anchor chain that uses these software to be able to release his automatically receives) . Inside short time, raise exterior link quickly.

3, link factory

Link factory points to the system of a network that be linked by many webpage across and makes. These webpages may come from same a region or many different region, come from different server possibly even. After a site adds plants of such a link, on one hand it is attainable the link of all webpages in coming from this system, serve as the link that exchanges it to need him dedication at the same time, this method comes to book promotion link notchs, achieve interpose to link notched purpose thereby.

4, obscure a link

Conceal a link to be used on client website by SEO commonly, the website that uses means him connection that obscures a link through be on him client website is other perhaps the client’s website.

5, false link

Add the link JS code, frame to perhaps express sheet inside. The link of this kind of means, to the spider of search engine, cannot read at all take. Accordingly, the link just does what look to the person, search engine to cannot identify at all.

6, the webpage is hijacked

The webpage is hijacked namely the Page Jacking that we often say, it is the website content of others whole perhaps website duplicates in the round come down, perpetrate a fraud is put on his website. Method of SEO of this black hat is the stationmaster that shorts extremely to webpage content is charming. But, this practice is to comparative of adventure, be despise more. The webpage that the patent technology that searchs engine can judge this to be duplicated from many elements or the website is not to be achieved formerly, and do not give collect.