What Google PR is worth is newer with change

Say the opinion that oneself are worth to PR here, matt Cutts has said PR value to be not integer in Google database, and update ceaselessly, to us, the PR that often says just examines that cost that replaces to a few days on the toolbar. As what update Chinese site PR that is comprehensive before the Olympic Games rise abruptly, it is very not important that PR is worth the help that ranks to the website to appear now, there still are a lot of people to like to take it to say a thing on link business market merely.

About the computational method that PR is worth, this popular formulary PR(A) = (1-d) + D(PR(t1)/C(t1) + + PR(tn)/C(tn)) on the network, I think not to calculate correct, but have the place that can draw lessons from at least, from which we can discover, the catenary outside high quality is very important, but outside the quality of catenary with derive several, the dependency of content, the position that is in a page and descriptive form belong to ****** etc breath is relevant, this is not a formula understands with respect to what say absolutely.

Really 3 two months update pass observation to discover PR is worth, the PR that why always has friend him discovery changed between one night? The PR value that I think a few days is updated is have the promotion of catholicity or drop. And update in two between, google also can adjust the PR value of a few websites, it is normally reduce be in the majority, the reason is buying and selling is linked or doubt is like commonly have cogged to engine action, and if can be corrected in time,discover, PR can be in short-term inside restore.