Website weight and how to raise website weight cost

Website weight, it is to search engine to give a website (include a webpage) the authoritative value with gift fair, to the website (contain a webpage) authoritative assessment is evaluated, weight of a website is taller, the deal that in the search engine place takes is greater, in the search engine rank has been jumped over, google PR is highest judge a value for 10, achieve normally 4 be a pretty good website. Increase website weight, not only benefit at the website (include a webpage) the rank that searching engine more before leaning, return the flow that can increase whole station, the weight that increases a website so is quite important, talk how to increase website weight with everybody below:

One, website content

Often release some of text that achieves a gender formerly, search engine to be able to like, patronage of constant regular meeting your website, the website appears have energy more, and the article that caller also can reprint a website, the weight of the page can rise slowly inside rise, contrary, if the website is to collect for the most part, reprinted article, the website is met in search engine weight smaller and smaller.

2, website design

The website stands to be made with W3C website design completely, use DIV+CSS to undertake webpage layout is designed, title and control of Meta word number are in 15 words above, use animation of picture, Flash less, js code, website size does not exceed 100kb, complete station generates a static state to change Html, let website, standardization, concise change, more the capture of spider of facilitating search engine, and the spider prefers.

3, domain name and server

1, relative to the natural weight at the domain name, ordinal for,,,,,,,,, the time that the domain name registers is earlier, the photograph is taller to domain name weight.

2, website server, the website should use stable server, ensure when to searching engine spider capture, can be visited normally; The safety of the server, because be atttacked to affect by the hacker,the server does not want, and the normal visit that affects a website. The server had better use independent Ip, place a website only, can increase website weight, and the station that because the server placed search engine,won’t not like, affect the weight of the website.

4, website promotion

The website pushs be like,make list of a few classification: Yamaxun classifies catalog, Coodir website catalog, Yahoo to classify catalog to wait, house of network address of the home that provides network address of Hao123 of network address navigation, 265 online navigation, business affairs, wide victory, 114 network address navigation. Cooperative friendship links: Exchange some of congener Google PR the cost is higher (be like: International can exhibit network of sports of navigate, an ancient name for China to wait) website link, mutual promotion, increase weight each other.

5, website dependency

Add some around the thing related website theme, do not beg big and complete, and want more concentrated; The website makes cooperate view expert, content major. Valuable content, not only the uniqueness that can show itself content and practical, can increase website flow more, decrease jump out to lead, raise changeover rate.

Anyhow, it is feasible that reasonable SEO is optimized, the weight that increases a website is to increase website flow one of necessary premise methods.