Website SEO optimizes the keyword of skill, link and fractionation type

We issue search engine to consider a little first, I think the article that searchs engine to study algorithm to everybody also goes up in the net or had looked elsewhere many, my individual feels those are deep of administrative levels need not study, after all major does not make search engine us, ah. With respect to search engine algorithm I talk about a few individual understanding below.

Search engine is the mainest solve a problem to depend on, how the information of Internet of effective apace capture and be not linked by unending repetition, the mistake is linked, reach circular program place to flinch tiredly, classify in order memory put in storage. Next, want to accord with user body namely, to the search the user brings close sense. Make the interference of rubbish SEO instead, search engine namely most the problem place that have a headache.

If everybody just does a keyword to rank, capture program can need not get to the bottom of, because be brought with be being searched at present,prop up powerful index ability, engine of all alone letting search indexes a new station, that can be breeze affection. Searching engine basically is decide to collect webpage amount according to the importance of the domain name, some distinction of the algorithm of Baidu and GOOGLE, below the circumstance that Baidu is collecting webpage amount to be not worth will the link of the website alling over all previous of special effort more in, but GOOGLE can all over the link arrangement of ideas with certain experience only to dynamic website, how much is this administrative levels, there are a lot of kinds of views on the net. Need us to make website map so.

Oppose cogged measure to searching engine, SEO also must have steelyard in the heart more or less, actually all SEO are ranked in artificial interference. We can assume, if do not have Seo interference, can the keyword rank with an intense competition be how?

The first, his dependency affirmation is very strong; The 2nd, content is rich, update ordinary; The 3rd, very authoritative.

But if joined Seo element to change, that is: The factor such as keyword density, internal composition wants very appropriate, almost all page all is alled alone by search engine is collected, retrorse join is very rich, it is very natural join truly, join sort is very much also.

Where is the working focal point that above can see we do Seo, that is, make the keyword of the website outstanding, content is rich, make website construction reasonable, administrative levels classics is likely less, have many retrorse link and truly as far as possible distributing extensively.

We explain a keyword below.

The keyword includes: The position of the keyword, the density of the keyword, label is right the action of the keyword.

What explain to the position of the keyword and density in Seo article is most, I did not explain in detail here. Basically be " Title " " Alt " the label of and so on, the begin of the article, begin of paragraph should be used come here kind, among them " Title " counteract the character in exceeding a link to want to promoting the dependency of the keyword to be weighed particularly. The search asks to the density of the keyword actually very loose, not be certain person 5% what say, or it is 20% less than, ill will of if it were not for repeats, a bit more natural with respect to OK. Such as is added thick increased special tag, to strengthening a documentation and the keyword dependency that are emphasized, effect is apparent also. But below the circumstance of keyword amount rife that optimizes in need, how had controlled special label, make many documentation confluence is the whole of beneficial of an organic each other thereby, be worth to study very much. As to " H1 " , " H2 " , " H3 " and " Strong " label, I am met below respecting.

But egregious use label, that is a keyword cogged. Search engine to be met in that way K you, ah.

Tell a keyword to be able to speak of a link necessarily, the link is the chip that a website indexes in propping up, be behaved in search. There is not relevant content to be able to affect the functional sex that searchs engine in the search result that searching engine, and the result that does not arrange without foreword by importance, will bring an user terrible user experience.

In searching engine algorithm however, is importance how reflect? Apparent, have a link only. What the link that we say here points to is exterior link. Internet relies on to exceed a link to be contacted each other, no matter be the link analysis algorithm of Baidu, the PR that still is GOOGLE is algorithmic, they are from beginning to end around the following: 1. The amount of the link; 2. The quality of the link; 3. The origin of the link; 4. Link text; 5.SPAN link.

The amount of the link, this everybody understands very easily, I need not say more.

The quality of the link, there are a lot of kinds of views on the network, angle of each search engine is differ also. The high quality link of GOOGLE is this page that links with giving out the value in searching engine is higher. If a station with tall weight gave you to become a link, this moment is linked this even if very the join of high quality, and Baidu values home page link more. To Baidu character, the join quality of the page compares home page forever inside should low. Of course, the discretion of website weight also is on one hand.

I should think those who say is SPAN link mainly here. I think everybody to should be familiar with SPAN catenary reinforce very much, for summary, SPAN link is to point to undertake with the link cogged, the method basically has, leave a message this Span, BLOG Span, wiki Span, and Link Factory (join factory) . Search the difference is the biggest likelihood between engine to be aimed at Span namely each settle a portion, GOOGLE to leaving a message a SPAN of group of hair and so on use additional data to fall the authority, way that does not make processing handles SPAN, use to Link Factory ban processing thoroughly, also bring about navigation of a few network address to stand to be banned by without reason so, this also is the question that searchs mechanism existence.

We understand Baidu very much, call the search engine that mainland turns. We speak of Baidu most namely the artificial interference of Baidu. Baidu bans SPAN to may use program and the method that interfere photograph result artificially. Join the problem the page adds a database through mechanism algorithm first, again by the staff member artificial examine and verify. Come from some kind of meaning say, the origin of the link and link text belong to the category that dependency studies. The link is cogged with key word cogged belong to search engine to turn over cogged algorithm to study a category. They can calculate the one part that doing is link quality.

We analyse the subtle distinction of different search engine below.

In the SEO process of a website, had better be the habit that wants majority of give attention to two or morethings to search engine. But be in certain in contending for the keyword SEO with quite great power unexpectedly, the SEO action that has specific aim also is very significant. So research analyses the distinction between different search engine, also be very be necessary. We are opposite here Baidu, GOOGLE, distinction undertakes demonstrative between YAHOO. Baidu is a share of Chinese user market is the largest, but of Baidu unexpectedly valence rank, make most SEO does not pay attention to the SEO of Baidu, I think great master also is such. GOOGLE is SEO people struggling focus, and YAHOO is the closest period of time criterion unknown to public, because the similar rate of YAHOO and GOOGLE is higher, so GOOGLE SEOER people like YAHOO, some more than liking Baidu also. The distinction of GOOGLE and YAHOO is in with, google pays attention to semantic analysis and link, yahoo pays attention to Title and exterior link. Google and Yahoo are updated very fast, the spider is very laborious, because want to had optimized page itself only, can obtain very good rank in Yahoo, and these pages are optimized is him can pilot, say Yahoo is optimized so it is easier to be optimized than Google, what use time shorter.

Especially to popular keyword, both distinction is very clear. From another angle for, not certain level has the person that can have optimized Google much taller, the likelihood just is at hand has more link resource to be able to be used, if service period passed, remove the link that points to you, your rank can fall down. But you can have optimized Yahoo, showing your webpage to optimize itself is good, your rank foundation is solid, your optimize what the job does to reach the designated position, very arrogant, very good very powerful. The powerful semantics that emphasizes Google particularly analyses ability, a lot of people say to search engine to look not to know semantics, this is wrong actually. When we make connection, the keyword harmonious organization arrives in a statement, join of reentry travel keyword is optimized, such effect is far your sheet does outclass the effect of a word. In introduction of Seo of the search in Google, as a result you can discover the webpage of Seo foundation, these webpages were made in the light of Seo foundation optimize very well, but did not appear to manage a learn the rudiments of a subject. Visible Google regards introduction and foundation as very adjacent word.

The analysis exceeding cable length of the PR of Google and Baidu.

Analyse to this on the network a lot of, among them two the most important are:

What analysis exceeding cable length should solve is file and the dependency that search a keyword. Plum the means that Yan Hong offers is, besides the file itself adduction to the keyword, still need to consider to link medium keyword reversely.

In the patent application of Google, after the link that although considering to point to a file,mentions clearly and link anchorage character, search engine still has serious problem to need to solve, the link that comes from different file namely then has different weight to be worth.

My individual was summed up, the respect is analysed in the keyword, all searches are analysed somewhat to label, but somes the proportion of YAHOO is large, GOOGLE still can analyse semantics and the quality that link reversely and dependency. The logic analysis that the algorithm of alleged Chinese participle of BAIDU also is pair of Chinese terms only is more powerful, semantic analysis is done not have how. Engine of this 3 big searches has GOOGLE to still be valued somewhat to META label only, the keyword in Description still is added red show, GOOGLE is valued quite to site of so called standard. Can see, the discharge day that links the website with quality and inferior amount to come from Baidu and GOOGLE reversely is fastened poorly. And YAHOO keyword rank is valued quite to home page, page keyword nots allow to be dug greatly easily inside. GOOGLE is very severe to linking quality to distinguish reversely, value very much come from the link with page high order and degree, and Baidu looks be like pair of home page links to prefer a few.

Of short time many group of hair links, can bring about a website to enter sandbox in GOOGLE, but after coming out from sandbox, the link still has the effect, the station that does not know everybody has entered sandbox. And YAHOO effect is apparent. But after increasing no longer when link of period of time, the rank drops to also be met very fast, YAHOO values sex of effectiveness for a given period of time very much. Baidu turns over cogged algorithm to think group of hair links it is cogged, hand over after be being examined artificially, rubbish stands to be sealed immediately. If your station art design is bit better, or commercial site, meet probably a bit luckier, or home page is sealed, or drops a matter.

This I had done a lot of tests, rubbish stands 100% be sealed. Cogged to turning over, YAHOO is apparent before very do not reach the designated position, but get plan of bug of a search having reward now, to linking a factory, of K even more serious than Baidu GOOGLE. GOOGLE is having to be mixed to home page inside the examination level with apparently different page, want cogged not by K, use please inside the page is optimized, ah.

Tell to everybody then tell fractionation type to optimize.

The everybody on literal can look come out, the keyword that fractionation needs you to optimize that is to say undertakes ravelling, decompose a few groovier terms, word or phrase. The use that such doing is to reduce advocate the competitive pressure of the keyword, use decompose a term to drive advocate the rank promotion of the keyword.

I made a station year ago: Airline ticket of Shanghai airline ticket such word, look to need not look to know competition is very intense, if press those who illuminate convention to optimize a method to do difficulty,be very big, and domain name quality and weight are not very tall, so I converted decompose a keyword optimize means, fly to the keyword above all Cheng Fei of airline ticket fractionation, plane, airline ticket, ticket these 4 groovy words, added the news that concerns with these 4 words in great quantities and article, fly in the article, plane, airline ticket, ticket is with adding thick processing in the article use " H1 " , " H2 " , " H3 " and " Strong " label, after the keyword after passing these fractionation undertakes assisting optimizing, the result is very right.

Decompose optimize need to be involved " H1 " , " H2 " , " H3 " and " Strong " usage, especially rich guest. Why? Because some of very good rich guest had done very good SEO, should make a bit only optimize, strengthen join and join to be spent extensively can obtain very good result. Everybody knows these a few label all alone there is mainer effect for engine to search, proper inside put a keyword to be helpful for a rank, but of the position of label and label make expenditure must hold, also can be considered as by search engine otherwise cogged and infiltrate direct perhaps K drops sandbox.

Everybody knows, a of SEO very important proper arrangement or presentation that should make the website namely is clear, make search engine very easy read clear, let spider crawl unobstructed, this consecution clarity reflects the place such as the physical method in the website, URL not only, be in " H1 " " H2 " " H3 " waiting for a respect also is such. Not be " H1 " helpful to key word rank, if be in any places that appear about key word,we are used " H1 " if, may be punished so or be reduced by search element engine you " H1 " weight and the value that cannot reflect a keyword. " H1 " " H2 " " H3 " need is layer upon layer go forward one by one, word of ordinal analogize dominant, make search engine gives " H1 " with very tall weight.

" H1 " the headline with be used at the website the mainest normally, the keyword that puts your website inside caption so is very well-advised practice. A website has a page only not just, still have a lot of columns, still have again inside the column child column, so " H2 " " H3 " part in order to kind list, content caption list, such website caption – column caption – child column caption – the relation of content list caption is layer upon layer go forward one by one, clarity of train of thought, search engine differentiates very easily that place of your website is important, which place is second important. I think, " Strong " did not resemble " H1 " " H2 " " H3 " such so strict, can highlight a keyword mainly in proper place with this label.

As a whole, this 2 sort label supplements each other, want to cooperate neatly to use, can make your website distinct, the key is outstanding. To the use of label I feel everybody should go more guest of Google administrator rich looks, because search engine replaces change ceaselessly, so understanding obtains good result to newest dynamic ability. Only you let search the reads you website with more relaxed engine, to the place that you reflect mainly it numerates more easily come, also gifted on the rank of course your taller weight. Layer upon layer go forward one by one, in proper order is pushed advocate.

I am again right finally a few common phenomena do Seo a specification.

1. refers a website to relevant catalog

This is the method that the stationmaster of engine of all need search suggests almost, do not cross me for ages need not, because efficiency is extremely low.

Structure of 2. website interior is optimized, page static state is changed

This kind of practice is very effective and necessary, also be the most serious core work that virtuous SEO place does, belong to optimize normally. Also be the white hat that we say is optimized.

Density of 3. key word

Search engine is inchoate the formerest period one of cogged gimmick. Nevertheless search engine was punished again scarcely now, but this kind cogged do not have what effect. Fall in scratch circumstance only, can have keyword of one or two the rank is pretty good still. Want to promote a keyword the rank steadily, relying on it is door of it doesn’t matter almost.

4. obscures literal link

Conceal the character joins and jump turning is one of cogged means that GOOGLE feels disgusted most, multi-purpose the defect that optimizes at eliminating FLASH page to go against, need a page structure beautification only actually, this kind of risk is to not was necessary to risk really.

5. page jumps turn

With concealing a character, belong to the risk that was not necessary, general SEO also is willing to do this kind of thing not quite, majority is by client or it is actual and press.

6. links a factory

Current most one of the most popular cogged way, but as a result of network circumstance complex, the existence that a large number of network address stand, BLOG friendship link is recommended wait a moment and it is similar but the existence that does not attribute cogged situation, make search engine to keep clear of thoroughly without method from beginning to end. It is to keyword rank effect most the most apparent, once be discovered, will be a deathblow.

7. information group hair

With linking a factory, to search index is propped up previously for information group sending is not cogged. GOOGLE takes lenient attitude originally to leaving a message, just reduce the authority that leaves a message to be linked originally to be worth, do not try to punish. But the Baidu that gives priority to with artificial editor will tell, this is a kind absolutely flagrant behavior. This also is a lot of websites are ranked in GOOGLE very good, but one of main reasons that are rejected to collect by Baidu however.