Website SEO optimizes example

Everybody is good, I am Lzbiz friend recommends me to join this lecture to the utmost group, say atmosphere of here technology communication is very pretty good, nod for much study east, also be for not of rich KING well-intentioned, talk about SEO in disorder with everybody here, make a laughingstock of oneself before experts, ace has waved!

Good, claver talks less, enter subject, this topic should say SEO I begin a contact from 3 years, the one tall person that is like Zhengzhou at that time just also begins to study this (incidentally BS, somebody causes feeling of user website statistic to seem directly with IFREAM at that time is discharge really like coming up) but this individual is very famous still now, specific name did not say. If this tall person sees this word, should OK think of at that time " birdie " , hey.

Tell the truth, SEO can raise a website to be ranked in the result in searching engine really, methodological skill is very much, I come to combinative example introduce next comparison below useful and the method that gets effective easily makes next introductions:

1: Caption, keyword sets strategy

The choice of caption is fundamental the requirement with special that’s all right, but search you to need to add some of little skill to let search engine
A: Caption sets strategy

For instance my station: </> caption is " network the world " I can write code so:
<title> network the world | Hacker safety | – hacker China | Free BLOG | Hacker safety | Safety detects | Video education | Newest music | Free game | Freeware or public domain software | Safe technology | The technology is discussed | Safe tutorial </title>
Joined " the hacker is safe | – hacker China | Free BLOG | Hacker safety | Safety detects | Video education | Newest music | Free game | Freeware or public domain software | Safe technology | The technology is discussed | Safe tutorial " , such word much a few keywords can find my station, this should OK also be called " keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases " but do this load one’s writing with fancy phrases to need to hold " degree " , everybody can check these a few keywords to see next results, as to this " degree " everybody consults my station comes oneself consider, specific if telling, I am afraid also say bad, feel sorry.
B: The keyword sets strategy

Install a keyword the issue that everybody needs to consider has a lot of, but I think the mainest is, you should become good website fixed position, if your station is " safe " the word of the type, your keyword is about around " safe " this limits will choose a keyword, specific how to choose, the search pop chart that everybody can search engine to seek relevant kind will have fixed position, specific Meta label can be used to come from personal definition when carrying out, but considering the element that is not punished by search engine, hope everybody does some of content that matchs with the keyword to arrive appropriately website page. The use that next Meta label say incidentally here.

The likelihood is a bit fast, but content is longer, must accelerate rate! !

2: The usage of Meta label
A: Meta </> | Freeware or public domain software | Safe technology | The tool downloads | The technology is discussed | Safe tutorial “>
<meta Name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" Content="TRUE">

Content is a bit much, also be everybody knows all-pervading thing, this meets the likelihood everybody looks to come nevertheless. .

The likelihood has a friend to want to have doubt, such writing make really Meta label goes against search engine to read go returning incidental error, not anxious listen to me to analyse, although group is written,have such corrupt practice, but the profit that at the same time he also has oneself, if search engine is read go if a page fails, he can be read afresh when retrieving next time take, if your webpage is no problem, should not read continuously take do not come out! Did not written guarantee with respect to the problem so, leave profit besides, can make your webpage newer maintain to be spent goodly, everybody knows to replace speed and rate of search engine visit become direct ratio, when you the webpage arrives the odds that when fastening, a class searchs engine to visit your webpage is basic it is fixed, but of label of the <meta when the visit mix normally abnormal, can let search engine to think you had been updated, also calculate friendly deceit!
B: The meaning that Meta label is worth

Will nod popular science education below, ah

Define the character set that HTML page place uses
Character set "> of <meta Http-equiv="Content-Type" Content="text/html; Charset=
Defined page keyword

Key word 2; of key word 1; of <meta Name="KEYWORDS" Content=" … <">

Do not use cache
<meta Http-equiv="pragma" Content="no-cache">
<meta Http-equiv="expires" Content="wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:21:57 GMT">

Compulsive independence moves, prevent others frame to call
<meta Http-equiv="Window-target" Content="_top">

The usage of Meta label still has a lot of, here is differ one give uncecessary details, as to Robots label I said more no longer, only minority searchs engine robot to bear Robots label now.

3: Website URL structure

Now basically the server of stationmaster can support everybody, criterion of expression the false static state that writing a law to be able to consult the news article inside </> station includes download is the *.shtml type that used Re_Write to be written, search engine rank is pretty good still!

Re_write </en search

This sort is like leave a message station of this average overseas company and commercial station are more

Proposal person pork writes the introduction that adds the English station about you, raise your Pr and exterior link thereby

Leave a message to be mixed originally your thinkable word can reach other Gg interpreter, be like forum of what

Be searched next again, person pork is filled add. .

Respecting is not random a moment ago group of hair rubbish information

Such likelihoods are propped up to label load one’s writing with fancy phrases of SPAM </> keyword to also be done not have by search index by " K " pass.

Good, talked about so much, the thing with without what worthy also find oneself brings everybody,

Do SEO actually the most essential is the patience with enough need and tough volition,

Some Seo ace ever said, look for a keyword everyday, the page of before Baidu two before two pages


Probably we do not have so much time

But the website before we or license analyse 9 ranks to lean with taking out half hours, popularize the except with the sponsor

Daily analysis has results surely, have new discovery surely.

Searching the process that engine optimizes is the process that adjusts ceaselessly,

Accomplish in one move impossibly also, have the effect at a draught,

And search engine changes ceaselessly and strengthening algorithm,

The possibility that be adjusted and drops is very large, need has psychology to bear ability and oneself a kind of belief.

Only oneself are searched ceaselessly reason and ceaseless as parallel as search engine, such ability are we every SEO stationmaster is necessary.