Website SEO optimizes 8 necessary step

The first pace:

Found the website site map with friendly engine of a search (Sitemap.xml) , the link that labels everything goes up in the site, the webpage makes static page (.html) , optimize the key word of each webpage caption, make sure caption is accorded with at actual text content as far as possible.

The 2nd pace:

The website that hands over you arrives to search engine and catalog famously, be like: Baidu, google, yahoo, ZEEL, looksmart, AOL, MSN, dmoz.

The 3rd pace:

Become friendship link at the website of a few high quality as far as possible, the website that raises you is searching the weight in engine.

The 4th pace:

Through analysing the origin of the discharge of the website, optimize the method of the key word of the website and promotion.

The 5th pace:

Weigh in website operation process, discover the inadequacy of the website, make more perfect and friendly.

The 6th pace:

Often update website content, raise those who search engine spider to collect rate and website rank.

The 7th pace:

Do in a few relevant large websites paid advertisement and cooperate with relevant large website.

The 8th pace:

Unremitting, perserve.

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