Website SEO operates brief tutorial

Sortie website plan and SEO technology had had 1 year of much time. A year of this is endless and brief time, it is the level of a development that I reach to begin an operation to chair this respect to work to now all the time truly from study. A lot of people say to learn to search engine to no matter how you learn you to be able to be acquired only,be popularized 20% , below the province 80% it is to need yourself to understand completely, a process that oneself go to fumbling. But, the first time sortie the friend of this industry often is not to know from why to do it, do not know how to should be operated. Do a person that we work, we also buy a server to buy a domain name to practice for us quite without too much money. So we can take a only visit mainer than the life station in beginning to come only constant experimentation. Careful and careful operation often the effect of short of ideal, and we also cannot develop bold test, because you are mixed,I do not want to see my station is ruined. In view of above these problems, I write down this article, the hope can help friends, because him technology is finite, understanding has inadequacy more, do not arrive to still ask authority with wrong place be magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate reminds. I believe, in be discussed jointly in ours and learning, we can progress all the time. Begin for content below, the gibberish that does not write a connecting link between the preceding and the following, with will look.

One, propose station plan

When a station needs to build, you should think of the purpose of this station above all, locate namely. When locate your at least should know you want to do what content, what is your crucial content, what is your keyword, you can achieve what result. When doing all these, you need to all alone to current search engine circumstance undertakes fumbling, undertake an analysis. You can use all sorts of search engine to search the keyword that you should do, look to be arranged now before leaning is what station, of these stations collect a circumstance, outside catenary circumstance, PR value, inside catenary circumstance and website language. After be being analysed to the market, make judgement according to the competitive size of the keyword. Judgement content is included, all states of the competitor before this entry and answer way. You should be listed at least 3 your more advantageous than them places. For instance, they did not become anchorage link, or they are done not have too much outside catenary, or their inside catenary is insufficient, new station and PR value perhaps are like they and you too low. It is to the competitor’s analysis you begin the first step successfully. Make oneself think already complete specification is your true beginning.

2, program language chooses

Learn the friend of SEO technology, have many it is oneself are being operated, be being mixed even is the individual with ordinary income like me. We do not have the support of the company, we may select CMS system, but the other language that no matter you are to use existing CMS system or yourself,writes, ask you to remember, you need to stand on the angle that searchs engine to consider an issue. The program that you want to know DIV+CSS can be searched engine is collected quickly, you also should know ASP program does not make a static state is to collect slow. You should know HTML program can let a spider very jubilate. So, we should choose DIV+CSS program, so we should choose to be able to create the program of static HTML webpage.

3, content fill

We to learn a skill, the likelihood goes without too much time him fill station. At the same time we also do not have those tall people to be able to make single page technology euqally, we may choose to collect or duplicate. Friend, if if you want to make your station fast,be being dropped by K, ask you to must undertake change and be arranginged to article content when becoming this operation. Change include, caption is changed, content paragraph is changed, key word word is replaced or change. What above changes the content that can let you and you to duplicate is textual have greatly differring is almost different even. Such operation can let your very fast deceit spider, become achieve formerly. Should knowing to be achieved formerly is the thing that network spider likes very much. The thing that had never seen can let it take you seriously very. Every send an article to the key word that we should pay attention to our article interior is described and add the thick effect that add color. Can consider as these effects because of the spider very crucial, the meeting is very advertent these. At the same time we should increase article interior to link through giving key word, drawing spider visits other page. The link like our cobweb, the station that can let us does not have dead page. Can let a spider won’t be gotten into blind lane, also can make a spider fast react new page.

4, detail is optimized

When making a station, we should notice our anchor is linked. We should know anchorage join compares common link to be able to attract a spider more. We should use anchor ceaselessly in crucial link. We are OK an anchor of navigation make it, we also can link content of essay focal point make it is anchorage. Do not forget you all anchor and link make TITEL and MANE explanation. These operation not only the key word that can add you, and can tell a spider this is what thing.

Listed 2 example.

Example 1, introduce a link, <li><SPAN Class=nav_link Id=nav3 Onmouseover=javascript:dColumn of jewel of QQ of station of code of space of OClick(this)><A Href=/qqkongjian/2/list50_1.html Title=QQ > QQ jewel </A></SPAN></li><li><SPAN Class=nav_link Id=nav4 Onmouseover=javascript:dColumn of jest of QQ of station of code of OClick(this)><A Href=/qqkongjian/3/list56_1.htmltitle=QQ space provides all sorts of jest information > QQ jest </A></SPAN></li>

More familiar to code friend can understand, these gules parts are to tell a spider this link is what thing, its brief introduction, its probably content. ,

Next we see a paragraph of anchorage link again. Code of space of <a Class=f_red Target=_blank Href=/qqkongjian/3/gaoxiao/list58_1.html Title=QQ is cruel code of space of Name=QQ of article laugh a net is cruel article laugh a net > cruel laugh net article </a>Friends, saw this differentia.

The NAME in the 2nd paragraph of code what is this term, authority is very clear, must notice carefully. Optimize a technology to do detail namely, tell a spider, also tell oneself. Spoke of a link, also spoke of key word, friends. Although everybody knows search engine is take the key word in your station through reading more or less will undertake arranging. But ask you to must notice, absolutely cannot cumulative occurrence key word. For example wrong key word ranges way: Data of technology of <meta Name=description Cdescription Content=XX, about the analysis of XX technology, these stations that can let you are unapt fast by K. Say the key word inside article to appear again, everybody understands please, caption appears as far as possible key word, before content 20 words must appear key word. This bit is very important. But in when everybody is keeping content, must not be being arranged like above mistake key word in that way overlay appears. For example: Mobile phone it is incorrect that you write this article so: Mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, the advantage of the mobile phone. You are inferior to writing into: I bought a mobile phone today, this blue-black mobile phone became my deep love

5, the catenary outside paying attention to

Exterior link is a key that searchs engine to judge weight all the time. So the exterior link of high quality is very important, direct embroil ranks an element to yours. So everybody must seek the exterior link of course of study of person of the same trade, unless you are worth to nod PR then only. What don’t I say at this o’clock more, change a link, buy a link, wait yourself a moment to choose.

6, update a site

The site finishs must notice to update content, must not throw over there without giving thought to, you are a day of fixed time, secure time to update as far as possible certainly. One day is updated a few OK, use as far as possible achieve formerly will write, let a spider everyday the thing can eat, just be good.

7, had made your 404 mistakes

A good 404 mistakes let a netizen like, also the spider likes. Do not want the 404 wrong pages of occurrence acquiesce as far as possible. Use as far as possible return home page automatically. Everybody can consult of big station, for instance you are inputted [Url]/asdasdasdsadsaasa[/url] or [how is Url]/adssadasdas[/url][/url] sees them done. If won’t be done, code can be asked for to me.

8, did not use up item

Wrote so much, actually myself also knows to was not written, still have a lot of a lot of things. Do SEO to be an upright person namely, you must be operated carefully, must attentive operation every your detail. The point of view that you want to stand in others goes considering an issue, everything goes to the lavatory for the netizen, everything for their consider, want the habit that next spiders consider a little while you accomplish these only, can have done. Also went out so so a word, doing SEO is the station that has made his, highest state abandons namely SEO is absorption make a station.

Each friend, the place with oneself insufficient viewpoint, everybody raises a proposal more. Oneself apply for fogyism, also hope everybody’s support. I welcome everybody and me to discuss discuss, I also welcome each teacher to undertake guidance. Oneself are full moon, in many stationmaster the station has sent a thing, everybody can be commented on below, him QQ: 707388882 hopes can become a friend with everybody. Above content was achieved formerly for oneself on Feburary 27, 2008, ask authority transmit moment is not changed at will.