Website SEO: How to make your website gets Baidu reception

Log onto the network address that refers you to the website above all; Need to submit website home page only, in-house page Baidu will be automatic capture.

Add the title related to text to every webpage. If be website home page, criterion name of caption proposal use site say or the company that the site represents / page of content of the others of orgnaization name; , the abstraction of content of text of caption proposal make it and wraparound. The potential user that this can allow you visits your page quickly.

Do not want the keyword that has nothing to do in the accumulation in caption and text please.

Ensure every page can pass link of a text to arrive. Baidu cannot identify the link in Flash, the webpage that the link on these unit points to, baidu cannot be collected.

The link between the page, use smooth fact as far as possible exceed cable length, is not heavy directional jump turn. Use jump automatically the page that turn, may be discarded by Baidu.

As far as possible little use Frame and Iframe frame structure.

If be dynamic webpage, control the length of the amount of parameter and URL please. Baidu more the preference collects static webpage.

Be in same on the page, do not have overmuch link. On the page of those site map types, give out serious content please link, is not all minor details. The link is too much, also may bring about cannot be collected by Baidu.

The site should face an user, do not face search engine. One gets user gay site, also can be searched engine to welcome; finally conversely, if your site was done a lot of in the light of Baidu optimize, but bring a large number of negative experiences to the user however, so, your site may be returned finally is to be able to get of Baidu desolate.

Baidu prefers to have the webpage of distinctive content, is not simple borrowed and repeat Internet to go up already substantial webpage. To been repeat the 100 thousand content that all over, baidu may not grant to collect.

Use your site link carefully please. Become friendship link with site of a few rubbish, probable meeting makes your website gets negative effect. Accordingly, when somebody the very enthusiastic site that asks you are him offers friendship when the link, examine please the following at 2 o’clock:

One, is the site of the other side in he whether is that domain high quality? Between stationmaster so called discharge and rank, get with beguiling method very much more, cannot keep long.

2, whether is the link name that the other side asks mixed is position of website of the other side proportional? Cover the keyword with wide range to do a content with the link name of the website of special confine, probable meeting makes your website gets negative effect.

Often maintain content to update. Often have the site that new content produces, baidu is to be able to notice, and welcome energetically, and can pay a visit often.