Website of interlocution of type of a word optimizes common problem to arrange (4)

Core clew: The article collected the SEO problem that the care compares more commonly with everybody on the network, and attach settles way. If how let search does if how let search,all alone engine update my website quickly? The influence of many domain names to the website.

1, how to make sure Baidu can collect a site everyday new addition page?

Solve: The site maintains the content that has updated everyday, increase smoothly a few fresh outside catenary, after period of time, can be updated everyday, this process needs 3 months left and right sides probably.

2, outside chain growth is too rapid, can you have disadvantage?

Solve: Not inside a time, increase suddenly a lot of.

3, home page is sunk bottom, is weight of delegate home page low?

Solve: The phenomenon of page heavy copy is very much, the forum that choose stone also has this appearance, need not worry too.

4, how long does new station suit to change next keywords?

Solve: Suggest after standing newly to collect and be stabilized newlier, redo is revised, the individual thinks, the range that change does not want too big, the name dropped the back row that changed to also do not worry too, can come back.

5, how to just calculate the stability that collect and updates?

Solve: It is the content that shows the first day is updated commonly, collected the following day can Site comes out, but some collect can slow place.

6, rich guest is done leave a message link, helpful to the site?

Solve: Of rich guest leave a message board without any good, but if you can be long-term,sit to sofa inside the rich guest of a few celebrity, still can bring a few discharge.

7, label of these two Meta has Keywords and Description what action?

Solve: Keywords: Provide reference to search engine, the core that webpage content place contains searchs a keyword. Description: Provide reference to search engine, the descriptive information of the webpage; After search engine is adopted, the page summary in regarding a search as the result (Snippet) show. (note: The action of current Description had been reduced)

8, do Keywords and Description otherwise want to write?

Solve: Accurate, individual Meta information, can provide reference to search engine. At present a lot of webpages make staff, key word of many in label of these two Meta load one’s writing with fancy phrases, with period the rank that has received in searching engine. So, search engine is chasing scumble to change their referenced intention. If you can have written them, that is written. Otherwise, do not want to write.

9, is Baidu stuck, does Baidu know inside leave a message is join helpful to the site?

Solve: Action is some for certain, but link of many hair rubbish, was punished possibly by Baidu. (avoid by all means is measurable)

10, the keyword is very hot, what disadvantage to have to his website?

Solve: The keyword is very hot, to disadvantage of your station it doesn’t matter, it is more difficult to just should do the rank should do the rank.

11, it is better to be has been channel page compared with 2 grades domain name or done with column page?

Solve: 2 grade domain name is exterior link inside GG analysis, the more the better.

12, it where friendship link searchs is better that where friendship link searchs?

Solve: Stationmaster stands. In A mom is clicked buy ad, choose that kind of your website, next your meeting discovery has a lot of to follow the website related your site, seek the connection way of these stationmaster, become friendship link next.

13, the foreign trade SEO of the enterprise, whether to recommend do GG CPC?

Solve: Suggest to do, the individual thinks GG compares a standard.

14, when doing tripartite to link, if the other side two websites are congeneric an IP paragraph, whether can be you considered as Link Exchange?

Solve: much can give an issue.

15, when outside doing, be being linked, do a keyword exceed it is good to had been linked or send URL directly?

Solve: The link that becomes a keyword is nice.

16, the content in my website is collected, such can by K?

Solve: Unless your site is first-rate. Catch shrimp for instance, one is achieved formerly do not have but the rank is very good however.