Website of interlocution of type of a word optimizes common problem to arrange (2)

Core clew: The article collected the SEO problem that the care compares more commonly with everybody on the network, and attach settles way. If how let search does if how let search,all alone engine update my website quickly? The influence of many domain names to the website.

1, is rich guest link useful?

Solve: The action that rich guest links is some, but often should update content to Blog, a lot of Blog use Ajax now, the sense is not great. Csdn is quite pretty good, can be collected. The friendship link that uses Blog commonly is nice.

2, new station entered sandbox, how long can you come out? What influencing factor is there?

Solve: Somebody thinks general situation is 3 months, I feel Google can be faster. Content is better, come out to jump over fast. If collect, the conference is more difficult.

3, H1, H2 how reasonable apply? Someone says the meeting that use H1 is regarded fraud, also someone says to be able to increase optimize degree. How be optimized at the website with meeting benefit of H1, H2?

Solve: The proposal goes with H1, h2 other and OK need not, must use what also do not have a thing. H just is compared, you use H1 to who, explain this page is important. And a page often a keyword, suggest a page went with a H1.

4, Baidu rank went up, how should maintain excuse me?

Solve: Content is newer. Want to have the law.

5, does Css have distinction with H1? Look to the user the effect is same, but is to search index propped up?

Solve: Search engine can understand H1, but do not see the thing in Css.

6, drive this website to need what to respect note with periphery website?

Solve: Do not add inside a time too much outside even, went.

7, if was stood by Baidu K, cannot be also collected again?

Solve: Revise by the reason of K, meet what be collected again.

8, my article that stands not to collect home page (there is content) in snapshot, what reason be?

Solve: Time problem. Baidu had not been updated.

9, before paragraph time was used in the website conceal a character, GG the K me, but Baidu won’t be collected all the time, do I want to know why? (Note: 4 months, update a thing everyday, collect before Baidu, changed online film to had not been collected now. Changed online film to had not been collected now..

Solve: Conceal a character, it is very big penalty. The movie stands, what do not collect is very much.

Your problem is the doubt of a lot of people. Appear to be concerned with copyright, still have even if break the law and pornography. So flat K. Proposal: Write systematic CSS afresh, may a bit better.

10, what description of website home page writes is bad, did not highlight a few key word, think fine tuning, can influential to be is the website ranked now or being collected?

Solve: Do not have a thing, can revise, won’t because of this K stands.

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