Website keyword chooses skill: Correct and succinct provide representative

Meeting emerge in large numbers is returned to give new issue in searching practice, produce new keyword to choose a principle to reach more experience skill. The society analyses the commonly used knowledge with processing to the keyword, also can deepen us to bring the understanding that prop up to the search, can let us obtain more discharge from search engine, bring more order thereby.

Master the choice principle of the keyword: Search result quality how, the choice with the keyword is very close. Can from below when to go considering to choose appropriate keyword.

(1) is accurate.

The keyword is stated accurate it is the necessary premise that achieves good search result. Raise the accuracy of the keyword, need notes two respects: It is to avoid wrongly written or mispronounced characters. 2 it is the word that avoids to have different meanings, word. To simple, common, produce the keyword of different meanings easily, should adopt those who add a few restricted to qualify a statement, the search the purpose is stated a bit more complete. Adapt the apple for instance for fruit apple, the search can become a lot of more satisfactory as a result. Additional, use search grammar to combine a keyword, also can improve search quality effectively, dietary nutrition is for instance scientific, with English double quote makes long keyword serves as a whole that cannot segment, can raise the precision that searchs a result. The search is syntactic mostly very simple, before use search engine, on the flower a bit time understands its grammar regulation, this conduces to fast, efficient ground searching requires information data.

(2) do one’s best is succinct.

The ability that current search engine is handling natural language side is not very strong. Accordingly, when referring a search to request, the user had better abstract his idea into simple and the inquiry word of the correlation of information content theme that finds with the hope. For instance in front the one student at the beginning of the case that has cited about patriotic celebrity logion, if cancel does not affect those who search a result first one student, discard is redundant about, celebrity of reduplicative of take out meaning, abstraction becomes the patriotic logion of concise and comprehensive. Such, from the search the intent sets out, choice, abstraction retrieves the thematic information of the word, form a clarity, accurate concept, because retrieve a word,can avoid expatiatory and cause retrieve failure.

(3) is had representative.

Keyword of that is to say wants to be able to be become be indicated by the model of inquiry thing, time, character, place can be become commonly add the effective limitation element with representative keyword. Provide most representative the keyword with demonstrative sex is crucial to improving search efficiency.

Learn a few skill that the keyword chooses