Website interior links new thinking to found good navigation for all pages

In searching engine to may think the interior in Web site links a structure, the perhaps only very few link is pointed to page that points to without the link not very important, no less than they think very rare link points to the page that come over from outside, more important than the link points to the page that come over rate is low same.

Point to the link of serious content from the homepage, the rank; that may raise this page effectively comes over from site map link, the relevant theme link that perhaps differs from inside the site comes over, also have same effect. Searching engine thinking also is actual society thinking, it imitates the behavior of the people in real world. Welcome product can put the foremost face in the shop designedly normally.

a kind of when the page pulls from inside linking hierarchy bad means, use <prevnext> to link implementation to distribute a page namely, and not direct catenary receives alone page. Increased to collect an amount so, reduced page weight however.

Consider some essay that is assigned into 4 pages, they read a process to be as follows:

Homepage- – > article the 1st part- – > article the 2nd part- – > article the 3rd part- – > article the 4th part

Such doing not only make people very difficult arrive at the 4th page (need clicks) 4 times at least, also be such to searching engine, because it may think the content of this page is serious least of all.

The proposal uses below two kinds of means will solve this problem:

(1) does not use simple cent page, still need to add the link that points to single page, also namely make it <prev 1 2 3 4 Next> . This founded a better navigation for all pages.

(2) adds map of a site for all pages.

Summary: Searching engine thinking also is actual society thinking, much observation, think more, do what thing to be become!