Website how reasonable and effective addition is exterior link

Core clew: The catenary outside adding is in short time is not more better. Maintain a day one goes. Can let search engine notice you only too much. Final meeting K you stand. The catenary outside doing holds to, mix on average having quality just is the most important.

The website should have good rank. Besides website interior the construction is reasonable outside. Catenary also is a very main factor outside. Because outside catenary is to raise website PR to be worth very important one step. And the rank that PR value affects a website directly. The catenary outside respecting, that external a few nouns related catenary become an explanation.

Outside catenary: Also call retrorse link, it is other website catenary the link to him site. The catenary outside inquiring how many a this station has. Casing can search to be defeated by Link in Google: Can inquire the catenary outside receiving what stand originally to exterior website catenary is counted.

PR value: Full name is PageRank, google measures the index of importance of a website. It is more important that PR cost explains this webpage ranks medium place in the search higher, that is to say, in other condition same situation falls, there is priority in the rank that PR is worth tall website to search a result in Google. The catenary outside increasing those who have quality has effect very much to PR value. Such looking for relevant your website theme has quality outside the promotion that catenary is worth to your website PR is very valuable. This lives with reality in same. For instance Woerma, everybody has felt. Everybody goes there shop, when everybody wants to shop, recommend go Woerma. The place with best content of so fair subscribe also with respect to Woerma. Searching engine also is same, put the user of the search in the first. The website has your website link related everybody. The specification travels together everybody recommends you, send your bill. Explain your website is pretty good. The search should give of course hello the rank will recommend an user.

Told so much basic outside the knowledge of catenary. Enter subject that now, the method of the catenary outside increasing requires a note with the catenary outside adding.

The method of the catenary outside increasing:

1. looks for the website of your friend to help you add the link of your website. If your friend likes. In him the website adds your link and you need not impose the sentence of his link in your website. Best to your website effect. Namely one-way link. is not coequal exchange link.

2. inquires the theme of your website in Google and Baidu. For instance you make picture station. That inquires a picture in Google and Baidu. See the retrorse link of the website that ranks the first page. The retrorse link that inquires a website inquires means: Link: Website network address. Contact these websites that follow the link that becomes before the rank to exchange a link with you next. Or give money to become one-way link with them. Become one-way link the effect is best.

3. inquires the big station that has been collected by the search, inquire means is Site: Blog address. Go every weeks a Blog and your website content duplicates to arrive in Blog. Remember. Open every weeks. is not everyday. Otherwise search index props up meeting K you stand. Duplicate content arrives when the website the content that there must be key word of your website theme in duplicate content.

4. if you can be written very much. It is one Blog technically some large website offers sketch. Write technically some what achieve formerly is relevant the report of your website theme. Release each big website. Let them add the link of your website. . You input the caption that you publish in Google and Baidu search casing. Can see the content that N much website reprints your website. Namely so called write soft article, this action is the most vigorous. But very tired. I am not one’s previous experience of Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Otherwise good. Ah, of course this also tells dependency.

5. goes giving them the review below the individual Blog content that a few large Blog had been collected by search engine. Add your website link. Also notice at the same time. Search relevant comment of Blog of content of your website theme. The catenary outside irrelvant can become only inferior outside catenary.

6. if you have right technology, and your website is the word that achieves formerly entirely. Output your website content into RSS. Refer his Google and Baidu news center. Ah, can have on W IP draws your website. Also can be cited by N much website. Because a lot of website is,cite the RSS source of Google and Baidu. Include IGoogle (Google individuation homepage) . The use amount that considers IGoogle one day. The discharge that cans be imagined to be brought to you. Of course. The RSS that should make sure your website is outputted is to achieve content formerly. Otherwise Google and Baidu can be not adopted certainly.

7. if you also can be written. Another stationmaster also can be written. That you two can cooperate. The soft article that he writes publishs the link that adds you. The soft article that you write also adds his link. Publish at the same time next. Different content has both of you link. This but pair of winning tweak.

8. refers the website to open catalog DMOZ ( , the time that DMOZ collects a website is longer, the likelihood needs a month even 1 year of time. But the effect after collecting is very apparent.

Good now much larger site has 9. the favorite on the net. For instance Yahoo favorite. On Google and Baidu dragnet the favorite has N much.

Love of popular now Ask asks 10. . Baidu knows to wait for interlocution system. The key word of your website is searched in these sites. The issue related the answer closes leave your website network address.

11. if you often bubble forum. Sign the individual character of forum the key word that changes your website is linked.

The catenary outside adding requires a note:

1. is added outside catenary is in short time is not more better. Maintain a day one goes. Can let search engine notice you only too much. Final meeting K you stand. The catenary outside doing holds to, mix on average having quality just is the most important.

When with others commutative friendship links, 2. must use Site: Network address of website of the other side if: Site: , check website of the other side to whether be collected in Google and Baidu. If was not collected. Ask the friendship link that must not add him. The likelihood stands this is crossed by search engine K. If you add his link, need K. That was finished completely.

Character of draw of the link when 3. exchanges friendship to link must use the key word of your website.

4. puts 20 friendship link at most on a page. If have more. Do a more friendship to link a page to become a link. When including the other side to do friendship to link to you. Do not make the page that exceeds 100 in the link please. Such promotion that to you PR is worth do not have action.

5. if the other side is put in IFRAME frame to your friendship link page. Do not exchange friendship to link with him. Because the search does not catch the content in IFRAME at all.

If 6. has Robots.txt below the friendship link list that website of the other side makes to you. And have Disallow: / the catalog name that has friendship link / . Demonstrative the other side tells a spider not to go to those who be put below the list that has friendship link indexing any files. Do not exchange friendship to link with both sides. The examination has Robots.txt. Add after network address of the other side / Robots.txt can see. Be like: / if Robots.txt is done not have. With respect to the specification he did not define Robots.txt. That had nothing to do with.

7. has a lot of sites doing link page to resemble Links.htm, links.asp, links.cgi, etc. If search engine to see this, may write down it not only do inside page link, more possible oversight is not written down. Do not want to exchange friendship to link on this kind of page so.

The station of a tall PR gave 8. you link of a home page. Look seem very pretty good, but its PR after a month falls madly, and you still catch it in catenary. So you often should check your friendship link.

9. links a factory: If added link plant, should be searched engine to punish. Do not sacrifice for temporarily rank in the future. Undeserved. Resemble network address navigation for instance a kind wait for factory of this kind of link not to add a link.

10. has a lot of sites to claim to be willing to exchange a link with you, but you should see it whether have Seo cogged. If became a link with him, so 100 kill and do not have one benefit. Have use CSS for example the like linking make it and setting color you, so that visit person look to be not linked more than this. Actually this is SEO cogged gimmick. Do not be duped.

The position of the catenary outside 11. also is a very main factor. The head division that your link had better put in website of the other side (dominant boat division) , advocate area (in content text content) , end area (copyright of friendship link, second navigation and ** state) . Among them advocate the effect inside area text is optimal. Next advocate area. Arrive finally end area. Your link when exchange is linked appears the most likely in link of end area friendship, major search engine had reduced friendship to link the influence to the rank, the retrorse link here also can be inferior link only. Advocate area text link is OK low area of about a hundred end is inferior link. Tell before me so should wanting to add a link on content key word is this reason.

Literal chain must be used when 12. does friendship to receive. Do not use a picture to link. Picture link is not caught at all when because the picture links search,all alone engine catchs website of the other side. To you a bit good is done not have.

Hope afore-mentioned useful to everybody point! Oneself two pictures stand: Belle picture, mew belle picture does a station to begin time is to will be mixed on July 7 respectively on September 5, show PR4, discharge IP is OK still also. Everybody can inquire when the domain name is bought.