Website development too smooth a month

and topics, like New Year’s Day, shouted one, establishment two months, the development of too smooth.
Super cool.

starting from November 1 station, in fact, around November 20 before molding, down toward the fixed direction.
it College Station () along the way, the development of extremely smoothly.
The following first show under development:

1, on the issue Baidu included.

Many sites are unhappy with expecting Baidu included questions inquired everywhere all day, how to make Baidu included.
Well, after all, Chinese stations, mainly have to rely on Baidu to traffic.
College Station it is very cattle fork, he said it looks like the next day on a collection of Baidu.
The revision of a few days because the site of an accident outside the front, Baidu included from 2 1000-0, included back again the next day 500 +, now Baidu is also close to the 1000 +.
This in turn is related to an indexed Baidu k re-issue.

2. Data on individual issues.

College Station beginning when it was established, alexa ranking I noticed the next, is more than 7 million of the nearly 8 million data, when my dream is before entering 5 million.
Two months later, and now in China, where statistical data owners, alexa rank: March average position 316,990 a week on average ranked 164,445 (2009.1.1 statistics).
Let me very pleasantly surprised at the same time incredible.
It is worth to mention is that I did not cheat brush ranking in this regard.

In addition, I am grateful gg in the New Year to give me a gift, so it pr value from 0 to rise to College Station 2.
pr value rises I feel it becoming more perfect in College Station.
This had to let me think of a question, received a Christmas gift gg gg advertising pin code on Christmas day, and the day before the New Year also received New Year’s gifts, pr value increases.
I was really grateful to have great gg.

3. about traffic problems.

I am sure you all know the meaning of traffic Master, what a web site traffic means no traffic and what it means.
In my opinion, website traffic, it means money, it means your site meaning of existence, existence value.
Of course, I refer here to the natural flow of valuable traffic.
After all, the coalition brush flow too much.
College Station began to flow from it every day digits (seemingly all points of himself and a few friends) to now stabilized at 1000+, had to sigh, two months to pay off College Station hard as it deserves.

Here to share with you my experience it according to the course of College Station, focus on that and included traffic problems.
Do not ask me why the price alexa ranking so fast, indeed I myself do not know.
Perhaps the reason is because he insisted it is updated daily.

When the newly established website, it is highly recommended not to try to collect content.
Even if you look at the content of your website is like to fill the empty come as soon as possible, and do not try to collect.
Baidu spider is very clever, content and non-collection of content acquisition, it is very easy to distinguish the.
I remember I said above my site to Baidu k a, a collection from 2 1000-0, because the reason I try to capture.
That night after the acquisition, the next morning gave a k.
Saving measures that I take is immediately collected content into another place, and removed those links to find content.
Back that evening included eight, then the next day recovering the 500+.
This I feel lucky.

My principle is rather tired, do not go to collection.
One is that the site is updated daily, Baidu spiders will love, and will go to visit your site every day; the second is that he updated content content and collected his thoughts more clearly, in other words, to update their own content sites only
really is your site, you know more about your site’s content, will be more purposeful to promote your website.
So just do stop, it is recommended to update it hard points slowly.

Baidu included, the flow how come?
This is a new problem.

I am not a seo expert, you can not do what other people Baidu keyword can come to my site.
I believe most of my friends think so.
After all, the new station, Baidu weights can not be high where to go.
It started how to promote it.
I chose Baidu know.
From two months ago just to do the site when Baidu know where the integral is 0 to Baidu Knows now approaching 3,000 points, you can know how many questions I answered Baidu know it.

Baidu Knows answer questions, and then bring the link, this is my website promotion in Baidu know in a good way.
Of course, the site links to answer questions put to very tricky, it looks like a purely advertising answer, certainly not feasible.
My approach is targeted to the selection.
For example, it is the content of College Station computer knowledge in that regard, I would look for in Baidu know in this problem, and then to answer with the website content, replied perfect as possible.
Then at the bottom to bring reference materials, or at the bottom to bring recommendations to address said here in more detail.
Unlike this ad, it is easy to bring traffic to achieve results.
If your answer is recommended just become the best answer, the better.

Another interesting note is to answer this question put links to your site is easy to improve the right weight.
The other is, it tends to attract Baidu spider to visit.
So Baidu know practices in the promotion of sites, site traffic and has a very good effect included, strongly recommended.

Baidu Post Bar and Baidu Space same practice here is not repeatedly explained.

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